Drizzle Pictures

Rain has been falling off and on for the past week it’s a good thing. From my perspective one of the best results is the air has been scrubbed clean making breathing easier. The other best thing is the wildfire season has ended a bit early, both go hand in hand. We need a lot more to fill the reservoirs, will it come this year? I don’t think so unless there is a huge amount delivered by the Pineapple Express as it did in the year 1862 when it rained and snowed for three months. Then the weather changed raising the temperature above freezing combined with warm rain it all melted at once. Flooding followed in nearly every Western State, California was covered with 30 feet of water. I believe that amount of water would fill our 2,000 or so empty reservoirs.

The Wildfire season is over and the air is clean.

I’ve been out in it a bit, my camera is not weather protected so I have to be sure to keep it dry. A slight mist is OK but anything with drops must be avoided. I have been working on Landscapes a little, this one’s subject is the Tree in the center; 1 mile from where I am on the water side porch. I cropped the power lines off of the top but did little else to it except for the usual editing that is required with RAW photos. The sky was cloudy with a slight fog on the ground as is evident in the blueish back ground. Blue is common in the atmosphere here during the early morning and dusk. Gold is every bit as common they seem to take turns depending upon the Sunrise/Sunset. It’s not as if the area I live in is Yosemite quality views but if I search there are many good scenes. As a bonus they change with the Sun light, especially so when the sky is overcast with the Sun filtering through.

I was able to take a fairly successful image of one lone Mud-hen on the slough. Until a few years ago there were what looked like 1,000 in the flock; now there are two, I have not seen the other one for a week or so. They were like a big army on the water at times appearing to charge towards me from the far side; hopefully they will return.

This is a free-wheeling female as evident by the neutral coloring which enables her to be concealed in the nest. They nest in the same place as the Otters, Geese and Green Herons. There is a common attraction at that bend in the river most likely a constant supply of food.

I continue working on capturing a perfect picture of a Turkey Vulture, I don’t accept this image to be near what I am seeking. It has to be a perfect storm so to speak, great lighting, distance and height at eye level; this image displays none of those. It was really too far away to attempt a shot but if it’s available the saying is “take the shot.”

Drizzle was the order of the day when I captured this photo, he was about 125 yards away, almost to the limit of my 600mm lens. But then again at that distance the picture takes on the characteristics of Landscapes, however this one is more of a portrait. The best time to take pictures of birds is while they are landing or taking off. Here he is landing on a patch of tules near the shore line. The shot following this the bird has its legs in the landing position. I like how the feet (?) nearly touch the water, there is bit of distance between the eyes and toes I wonder how it knows.

Mount Diablo shrouded in clouds, it is truly a poor image. I take plenty of pictures of this view to learn Photo-shop. However there was an update I applied yesterday for P.S. and Lightroom Classic. L.R.C. loaded and runs alright; I have a learning curve with it. Photoshop on the other hand will not open, no one likes it when that sort of glitch happens. Now I have to figure out what’s going on and learn how to fix it, or not. I may just stop using it, I don’t really need the hassle it presents. It is no longer a learning experience for me because of the complexity of it and the lack of complete tutorials. They typically go over how to open a tool but not how to close it and return to a usable position; that is left up to the user to figure out as far as I can determine. One other challenge is how to transfer images from P.S. to anywhere else, it has its own image saving issues; it saves to Photoshop in its own format. I don’t need that sort of confusion, besides Lightroom Classic is able to perform many of the same tasks; I’m drifting away from it. At my age (70) I’m just about finished with taking on half baked projects.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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