Catching Up.

I have been lax on my blogging during the past few months mostly due to the construction work being done to the house after the fire we had last January. I don’t believe it’s an excuse as much as a reason due to it being exhausting to be around construction crews for 9 months. I have found my self to be busy most of the day although Mrs. Lebec is the project manager we both deal with it; however she is exhausted. I have been writing two or three blogs on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning thinking somehow that makes up for it. I am delayed in my other writing as well, I hope to catch up, soon.

This morning was not inviting although I went outside for mere minutes; about 5. I left old Skunk Puppy out she plays this game of ignoring me and lays down on the Levee staring me down.

I took notice of the Vultures again counting 13 in a vortex overhead, something big in the pasture must have met its end. They are out early in the morning, they and the Crows; both show up slowly one then two finally the entire flock is in the sky.

Interestingly enough the Ravens have established a colony locally along with the Crows. They will share habitats but will not mingle amongst one another, I don’t have an answer for that. The Crows are fairly easy to identify while flying at any distance. The Ravens are quite a bit more difficult, from a distance due to the manner in which they fly it mimics Hawks; to complicate matters they are the same size. All three birds, Vultures, Crows and Ravens due to their dark plumage are difficult to photograph after early morning. There is a window of opportunity beginning an hour before sundown but it’s a bit of hit and miss.

The slough is beginning to re-populate as the migratory birds arrive. I’m not sure where the SeaGulls are during the summer but I suspect they head for the ocean 40 miles to the West. The battle for the pylon is beginning, this youngster perched on it for a long while. Little does he know the competition has not begun yet, but he sure crows as if he’s king of the slough. SeaGulls are easily dismissed because they are so numerous but for me they remain an attractive subject to photograph. Having hundreds of images of them, I keep adding to the inventory because one never knows when what’s in the camera is better than what’s in the archives.

It’s the same with the Egrets and Herons as well, adding to the archives and eliminating the images that are inferior to the new is a never ending process. The Egrets are graceful fliers much more so than the Vultures and not as determined as the Corvids. The big white bird is in no hurry as it paddles its wings at about 5 strokes per second top speed, normal is more like 1 or 2 strokes. Where as the Corvids pound theirs more on the average of 5-8, when at the top number they are working hard.

The Great Blue Heron in this image is brown, I’m not sure if this is a newcomer. I don’t recall seeing him around his brown plumage is the tell-tale, in this case I don’t think it’s the sunlight. I went through the archives this morning looking for those that are more blue than grey. My curiosity has been aroused by the deep blue images I took last week as the Sun was setting. I have discovered the Herons are not predominately slate grey, they range from brown as above to the startling blue of the images I captured last week. I happened to find an image I took in January 2021 that is heavily blue, I suspect it may be the same Heron as last week.

It’s in a more intense light than the deep blue but I suspect this Heron may be the same one. A person commenting on the images thought perhaps the color is due to it’s diet; I believe that’s entirely possible. Another suspected the settings on my camera were wrong, that may be the reason as well. I on the other hand suspect perhaps it was atmospheric conditions reflecting on a lighter shade of grey. I most likely will not figure it out; but I got a few once in a lifetime images.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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