The Gulls Are Returning.

I have written a lot of blogs that are living in the draft file. I plan on using them however they are so old I am most likely better off to delete them all and start over. Or I suppose I could saddle one up and edit to bring them back to relevance. Gratefully this is not one of them.

This is one of the images I featured yesterday on the blog, I am still bewildered how in the world the Heron came out so blue. I went through a part of my archives this morning searching for a image to compare it to. I found one that has a tinge of blue in most of the same areas this one does. But it is no where near this color it is mostly slate grey. I am planning on attempting to replicate it but that will take a while to match the atmospheric conditions; if that is even possible.

I’ve been mixed up on my months labeling everything with a September date; I’ll pretend I did it on purpose just to keep the white suit guys at bay. The Seagulls are starting their annual battles over the pylons, I was fortunate to be able to photograph the entire landing series but I’m only going to post a few. They will battle over this perch until around March, it slowly gathers steam until the last month or so it gets fairly violent. It’s a bit of a challenge to get images of consistent quality unless I am completely ready for it.

Catching an image of them landing is not too bad it’s the taking off that presents a challenge. They tend to take to the air away from me and towards the water which makes a lot of sense. After launching to the far side they make a deep dip towards the waters surface nearly touching the top of the water. It presents a totally unusable photo, rear end shots with the subject struggling to gain altitude is not a crowd pleaser. In the photo he is nearing the destination applying the air brakes.

Close to making contact they make it look much easier than it must be, but they take it all in stride. He perched on the top for a long time perhaps close to an hour. I spent my time searching for other subjects from the horizon to my feet. I was Able to approach him closely from the top of the Levee, on my wheelchair. That is interesting because it has taken a considerable amount of time for them to be comfortable with my presence. It takes all critters time to grow accustomed to humans exposed in the clear. It takes longer for them to acclimate to Skunk-Puppy or any dog roaming the birds turf.

He’s getting closer keeping a watchful eye on his footing. I was expecting another Gull to start challenging him for the position but on that day it was not to be. Plenty of Gulls are flying around the slough lately but they have not started becoming the monsters they are during mating season.

It’s a sigh of relief for me when they land, I saw one fall once. They are graceful fallers making it appear it was on purpose which makes me believe it happens all of the time. Animals make blunders just like we do but I don’t think they have the same sense of embarrasment as us. I have never seen a critter brush themselves off then look around to see if someone was watching. Humans are an emotional bunch, at times I think there are three bases to our behavior, logic, reason and humility.

I continue to study Photoshop, I’m to the point it is pure practice to understand all of the functions that are offered. The best way for me to continue is to discover the tools I need as they are required then consult the tutorials again until the process sinks in. However another glitch has hit the fan, after using it for several months I have discovered to truly make sense of it I have another application to learn. Adobe Bridge, it is part of the Photoshop complex of programs and is included with it. I have discovered it will be much easier to work between Lightroom Classic and Photoshop with Bridge between them to keep it all organized. With thousands of photos organization becomes more important than taking and editing the pictures. I have to be able to find one particular image out of 5-6,000, some are on an external drive; this has to be fixed real soon.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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