The weather has the entire world tied in knots it seems and it’s no different on the California Delta. It started Sunday evening with a weather alert all of our electric utilities will be shut down. Well, we’re all used to that throughout the entire country and beyond. OK then let it happen it seems to be needed as well as unavoidable, there is a sense of relief the Utility Company is being proactive to prevent Wildfires.

This is a photo of a wildfire on a nearby Island East of us, it took place about one month ago. I’m not sure what the origin was but yesterday another started on the same Island. Everything is very dry all it takes is a spark to ignite a nightmare, with the wind these areas burn rapidly. I suspect, allow me to be crystal clear that I have no basis for this suspicion, Arsonist start most of these fires. It’s too much of a coincidence when the news station declare the conditions are ripe for Wildfires within an hour or two they begin.

With all of the tinder dry areas it doesn’t take much to ignite it. I have watched lightening storms start fires in our local Mountain Eastern slope, I’ve seen two start.

Yesterday morning I was preparing to go outside with the dog and my camera. Sitting in my recliner talking to Mrs. Lebec my view was of the slough to the Mountains. I was looking out the window when one second later the entire view was blinded by a huge cloud of dust, smoke and sand. It blotted the Sun out reducing my visibility to less than 100 yards. It appeared to be an explosion of some sort but I did not hear (I’m deaf anyway) a thing. The wind was not any stronger than it had been all summer long but apparently it was blowing hard further North. It appears we are in a dust bowl, many farms are fallow, the soil is super dry and there is no ground cover.

My house is in the extreme danger zone for Wildfires, with the prevailing wind regularly blowing at 25+ mph if the Island catches on fire at the North end I’m not sure how many will make it out. The fires move fast some have been clocked at 60mph making short work of an Island 15 miles long. The Paradise fire was moving so fast (60mph+) people were not able to outrun it, this has to be stopped.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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