A Few Pictures.

The weather is changing; the past few mornings have been more like a November Autumn day than early Fall. I’m confident it is not an anomaly as the weather station has been busy reporting on the blasts of weather in the East and South West.

It’s been a good few days to watch and photograph a bit of nature.

I took miscellaneous images, one of those of the Cows across the Slough. These are Steers, unable to re-produce as they have been neutered. I took photos of them to post on the local FaceBook page after someone posted one of Black and White Cattle. A few people made some funny comments, this was part of the joke that no-one caught on to, except me.

The Heron flew in late afternoon, perching on a dock during the Golden Hour as the Sun was setting. Generally I capture the entire animal, I feel it’s important to show the legs and feet. I decided to keep this one as I find it a bit interesting as he is behind a nearly identical colored wood rail. I honestly forget where I took this image, I was within a few hundred yards of my normal setup spot. The wind was up; if there is a normal behavior it would be for the big bird to take off into the wind. Most of the time they do which makes it easy to predict for taking an image. Well this guy went with the wind; the tack he had decided on, then shot off like a Rocket with the breeze.

Early morning the wind was still if only for a short period of time. It was a good opportunity to capture some reflections, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph a Great White Egret along with its smaller cousin the Snowy Egret. They seem to get along well, actually appearing to be ignoring one another.

I flipped this one for a fun comparison right side up and upside down.

I made certain it would be easy to see which was which, the bottom image is upside down. The Snowy Egret is the tell-tale. It was an enjoyable task, in fact I flipped several over, this may not be the best one but it is very good.

Reflections are a bit tricky to photograph, the dividing line of where the water meets the shore should be in the center of the frame. But what to do with an image as the one above? I’m not totally sure but I am deciding its location should be according to where it looks the best in the camera. This is an image in conflict to the others I took that day because this has a blue hue to it versus the gold. I suspect it is due to the water reflecting the blue sky, a tinge of gold is reflected off of the birds plumage.

I’ve been working on getting a good image of a Green Heron with its back lit up by the Green plumage it has been named for. The light must be exact for it to reflect the colors in all of its glory. This Heron is tiny the smallest I have seen which leads me to believe it is a juvenile born this past March. It remains a fast flier however but another symptom it is young is its lack of a mate. They choose one for life remaining close to one another until the end. They normally fly in pairs with one far behind the other trailing by several meters.

It’s been a few windless good days a relief to be out doors without the breeze constantly buffeting the face. Alas it lasted overnight then kicked back up the following morning. I’ve said it before, if you’re visiting a town where everyone has chin straps on their hats, you Best Buy one because you’re gonna need it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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