Always call a Swan a Swan; Don’t refer to a Swan as a Crane. (note to myself)

Always call a Swan a Swan; Don’t refer to a Swan as a Crane. (note to myself)

I learned a lesson after getting caught in a bit of a pickle with one of my photographs. I had the opportunity when a flock of Mute Swans flew overhead to take a bunch of pictures. I posted a picture that I had cropped drastically and labeled generically as “Cranes”. After being called out on it, “are you sure they are cranes?” was the inquiry. My reply “no I just posted Cranes generically because I was lazy.” I have found in my life when I’m called out immediately cop to the accusation if I am in the wrong which I definitely was.

They are native to the East Coast being introduced to the West Coast by humans which established them as an invasive species. In California when dealing with invasive species they can be eliminated on sight, Turkeys are in the same boat. I’m not fond of taking belly shots but sometimes it must be done.

Any who I thought by copping to my unintentional haphazard mistake it would pass under the bridge fairly rapidly. Unfortunately I posted on the unforgiving town FaceBook page, after 4 days the comments are still being written. I have not read all of them usually the majority are pleasant, but it is OK with me when constructive criticism is expressed. The comments were mostly on Identifying the birds, I had stated I thought they might be Mute Swans but they are way out of their range.

I am a member of NorCal Birds the people on that site are extremely knowledgable in the identification of birds. I was buried by comments on that site as well, but it was a discussion among the entire group. Mostly talking about how they were introduced, what can be done to eradicate them and various comments all positive. One member posted a page written by the California Fish and Game explaining the situation.

Meanwhile back on the home range the comments kept coming in, most positive all guessing what species of whatever they are. Well the majority have decided they are Snow Geese, even though I posted the descriptive paper from the Fish and Game. We all pretty much know one another around here, or we know someone who knows.. you know what I mean. I have never had so many comments on a photo, I must admit they are pretty good but that’s besides the point. I must admit there are those amongst us that would not feel bad to place me in a questionable light for one reason or another. On our local FaceBook no one holds back any comments or personal opinions, and that’s OK. I went on the site within the past hour to check what’s going on with it for this blog, comments continue to be posted.

I don’t mind except for the unsolicited attention which I honestly do not like, I am more of a reserved person. I hesitated for over a month to decide whether to post my photos on that insufferable site. My initial plan was to post two pictures on the first of each month making sure they are current to the month they are posted. That is unless I was unable to take pictures that month, in that case I would go to the archives and choose from there. None of this is serious no matter how embarrassing it is for me, I resolve to never post another picture of anything without accurately identifying what ever it is. I don’t take it personal except for a few that are written by people that have different opinions of issues than I have. I have not posted an explanation other than the article from the fish and game, which in my mind fixed it. Apparently it did not, people are still mis-identifying them, if I corrected them it would be another dark shadow cast over me which I will not invite to take place; I refuse to argue an issue I have answered. Unfortunately there are a few people bent on me being wrong and them being correct to which I say OK, whatever.

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