Bustin’ Boxes and Golden Glow.

All of the cardboard boxes have been cut apart and have been stuffed into two re-cycle bins. Mrs. Lebec and I worked for nearly 2 hours ripping them into garbage can sized pieces. The boxes have been gathered since I became ill the first week of July, it’s a good feeling to have them on the curb waiting for the collection tomorrow. I am always impressed with the number of boxes that will fit into the bins when they are cut apart and laying flat. I was up until this glut, using all of the cardboard I could get my hands on in the garden for weed control and the Earthworm Farm. I stopped after learning it is a source of Fungi and Mold after it is damp; no more cardboard in the house. It makes great mulch, I may start using it for that but I suspect it has to be “hot” mulch versus cold. Raising the temperature above 130ยบ F may kill the fungus and Mold, I’m not sure I’ve got some research to do.

I caught the Dusk golden hour the other day, in this blog I’m posting two from the evening period and two from the morning. The sun in this image is settling to the right which is West; our part of the slough lays directly East to West.

The light filtering through the long wide wings brings out how beautiful they are. This guy was flying against the wind, it was 25 mph two days ago when this photo was taken. He was beating his wings hard gaining headway however the most noticeable was the side slipping. Although flying West he was being blown to the North East towards me. He finally gave it up, performing a U-turn he put the wind to his back and sped downwind.

The Gold high-lights in the photos are not as intense during the afternoon session as they are in the morning. It still adds an interesting glow to the entire frame. The Egrets hunt long into the night they fly around the slough until well after dark. I’m not sure about their eyesight but my suspicion is they are able to see quite well. He was flying close to the far side Levee just above the top most likely to use as a wind break of sorts. I have noticed the windier it gets the closer they fly to the ground or water until it gets too strong, in that case they catch a ride on the wind and leave.

This image was taken during the early morning as the Sun was rising, everything fell into place with this picture. In other words there is an equal amount of luck and skill. Part of the luck is the golden glow matches the Hay Barn in the distance which I believe is blurred just the correct amount. There are times the Golden Glow is very intense, so much that it makes the photos appear to be either not legitimate or over edited. A bit of editing is needed on every image when it is taken in RAW, it’s the way cameras are made.

The photo of the Sparrow above was taken during a different event when the morning Golden Glow was not as intense. Again I was more than a bit lucky to catch this image, I was sitting on my scooter overlooking the slough on top of the Levee. The small birds were everywhere making me decide to take another attempt at getting some good shots of small flying birds. When this Sparrow landed close to me, then being lit up evenly it was a good opportunity.

Sparrows are in every Continent on Earth excluding Antartica. They are very resourceful birds, although insect/seed eaters they have to exert little effort to find a meal. They are survivors being part of the group shared with Coyotes, Raccoons and Corvids. (Although the later Crows and Ravens do not have habitats South of Nicaragua.)

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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