In House.

Due to the weather I have discovered a different world inside the house. I’m pretty much stuck in it for the for see able future it may be as long as another year. I normally watch sporting events and documentaries on nature, you know the programs that show animals chasing each other around. I have discovered documentaries on Netflix, the Ottoman Empire, The romans and documentaries on foreign countries. I watched a doc. on Romania, a truly fascinating country one that is very in touch with their natural resources and wild animals.I spent most of the day in doors but I did spent a few hours on the levee with my camera.

I don’t grow tired of taking images of Egrets while they in flight. On the ground is a different issue however as they are pretty boring. But it seems every time I catch a bunch of pictures there is at least one I have not seen one like it. Plus it’s great practice following birds with the camera then snapping the shutter. This was taken just before dusk it was still fairly bright lighting but it worked out fine. The golden glow we’re looking at in the image is the natural lights. This is the first time I have caught the afternoon golden hour, I’ve been in the morning golden light several times this is my first in the dusk.

It brings out the details in the pictures adding to the accents on the colors in the background and the hi lights on the bird. He’s flying against a 20mph wind and was actually flying sideways, he was flying directly towards the right while the wind blew him towards me. It’s at a caddy-wonky angle as he’s heading my direction, he was not able to correct his positioning so he continued down the slough sideways.

I took these pictures in sequence as can be told by the similar background images. He was close to me as he flew down the Levee the wind played a part in that. I first saw him to the South of me 100 yards away. He was on a float of water weeds hunting for dinner; spearing something in the water. He was tripping a lot as well, stumbling through the blooms on top of the water he kept making short flights inn attempt to stay upright. My suspicion is the wind was every bit the cause when combined with the white caps on the water.

I take numerous shots that resemble many others. I was walking through a small booth area where they were selling posters and related items. I stopped at a photo booth, I knew the guy behind it, and on the wall he had a beautiful photo of an Egret standing at attention. I said to him (jokingly, I swear it’s the truth) hey you have one of my pictures; he did not appreciate that comment. Mrs. Lebec said he sees me as competition which places him in a defensive mode. I am no ones competition, I posted along with a few pictures that I taketh images to assist me while writing my daly blogs for my use only. I like to choose pictures that tell the story I am on, it adds at least 1,000 words to it.

As the picture above depicts a position I attempt the same procedure having something to do with high water. This last photo isn’t the end of them on the Egrets flight down the slough. I have several others but I missed the big landing show which I always like to capture. The photo above is a mature adult, I posted a few times the fledging that had been hanging about. I shot an image of a Hawk, a bunch of Turkey Vultures, none of them were good; distance (most common), out of focus, my shoulder keeps popping which won’t allow me to track subjects, it has a drastic drop in it. When I pan for a photo my shoulder Will pop really loud, pain will shot down my arm and the picture is lost because the aim dropped out. But some are good others not so much.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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