Nice Fall Day.

Nice Fall Day.

Activity is beginning to pick up around here; today is a clean air day which may be part of the reason the critters are beginning to move around. I saw the Otters from a far distance by their den 100 yards to the S.E.

The Cranes are a bit too high and far away but it’s a good image of a small flock. They surprised me coming from the West they seemed to appear from no where. These are the first I have seen this year so far; with a bit of luck they may land in the slough. They are large birds lumbering across the sky not in a hurry. I didn’t hear a sound from them as they passed over, but being 80% deaf it’s rare when I do. I believe they flew in from the County Park on the far side of the Island across the slough.

I took several pictures of them they are all good, nothing to get real excited about but they are blog material. There is only so much birds do making many of the photos appear to be the same. I have browsed through photo gallery’s where I have to check the photographers name to see if it’s one of mine; it happens more than can be imagined. Of course none have ever been mine but it exposes that birds really don’t do much. I suppose the suspicion with these guys is they are on the hunt for food. These are large birds to see the wings even from this distance is impressive.

While the Cranes were overhead this Egret was messing around below them. The opposite is true with this image it is eve level to me sitting on the Levee. The Sun really lit this Egret up making it easy to use the lighting. He has huge wings as well, they are perfect to equip an angel. Egrets are always welcome here, they are missed when they are not around. That happened several times over the past few months I suspect due to the Wildfire Smoke. Birds lungs are very sensitive to smoke the linings and walls are thin and fragile. It’s my theory they head out of Dodge at the first wisp.

I have said it often that most interesting movements occur during landings and takeoffs in the world of birds.

Notice the gap in the wing on this side it conjures up thoughts of an injury. Then again it may be a ruffle from the wind which he is headed into. They get banged up once in a while when they take some tumbles that appear more violent than they really are. When an Egret sees a critter while hunting then decides to spear it they go all out for it. I watched a Snowy Egret early this morning on a float of weeds moving rapidly in all directions diving and stabbing at its victims.

One more for this guy as he flies from the pylon to an unknown destination out of my view. After this image he gained altitude, flew to the far side following the Levee then disappeared down around the rivers bend. He will either be back or one of his look alike cronies will show up; like I said they keep things moving around here.

The photo session I had this morning was successful, I took around 200 images most of which were keepers. That is uplifting however that means choosing the best of a bunch of really good images. It’s the shadows cast by this intense California Sun that can be a challenge at times. Some can be lived with and others are difficult to accept. I’m now shooting with the focus set on one point, that is the final key for me to take good pictures.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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