The Sky was Changed.

Days like yesterday and today when a blog subject is a bit difficult to find; I merely start to type out letters. It happens when I do something out of my normal rut routine as I did today. I actually don’t watch much television during the day unless I’m a bit out of sorts. Saturday I watched an episode of “The Roman Empire” on Netflix. Being a history buff, not to be confused with knowledgeable it’s an interest of passion. This morning at 9 am I flipped to the program and sat in front of it until 5 pm watching one episode after another. I’m not sure where I’m at with it but I’m sure it’s headed to be another time sink, lost forever I’ll never get back.

It’s another blog for unrelated photos I’m afraid while I ramble on.

It’s good once in a while to take a day to do less than what I normally do. The guilt was sinking in around 2 this afternoon when Mrs. Lebec rose to a higher level all the way up to the 3rd floor. I told her I was getting ready to get ready to swing into action, she told me once in a while we all deserve a day off. Now that could have knocked me over with a feather, she’s the one that does everything, I’m like an observer. Anyway my guilt was short lived, I went to the kitchen gathered up some stuff to eat and started the next episode. I still have my mask on as if I’m heading into the abyss to actually go further than the patio.

I’m posting the Green Heron photos mostly because I edited them over the weekend, It’s best for me to occasionally review all of my images in order to use the new skills I develop to make the existing photos current. Editing is a never ending task which is for me actually quite pleasurable. I attempt different procedures some work out others not so much and still others make hardly any changes at all.

Photoshop recently added an application to replace the sky, naturally I decided to give it a go. I changed this sky above to the one below.

I did not post it anywhere because in my pit it feels a bit like cheating, besides it’s really not a real good result. My entire goal is to produce pictures that are usable directly after it is snapped. I have also attempted various new apps that have been added to other pictures.

I’m working on a project to create a panoramic view of our local Mountain Diablo. this picture is a mess. The Electrical Power structure and lines in the photo above need to be removed along with all of the stuff closer. The wires could be removed by replacing the sky however that creates a much different and confusing issue. The Structure along with the lines running across the mountain cannot be removed without it appearing noticeable. The structures in the foreground are not bad to deal with, it would take a pro an hour or two so far it’s taken me about 20 hours. I will most likely need to set up on the far side of the Tower. I’ll need to figure out a way to get out there with my mobility scooter or an easier way would be to wait until a Grand-son to drive up here. We will be able to hang out for a while all expenses paid; my nickel. I will need to take 3 shots each of 5 different connecting segments join them together in Photoshop., the final step is to print it about 16″ x 32″; I’m not sure of the size yet.

It may take me a year to complete this project but I’m confident at some point I will end up at least close to what I’m aiming at.

We had a cloudy day Sunday that looked a lot like one of the replacement skies available through Photoshop. This is one of the canned skies I decided to use with the Green Heron. It looks natural, I admit to kind of liking it. That is until the twinge of guilt from the feeling of cheating and an attempt at pulling the wool over the viewers eye. I posted it on the local Facebook page not knowing what to expect. However I was acceptant of the possibility someone would point it out to which I’d have to cop to immediately. I didn’t give it enough thought because if that were to take place with my admittance of cheating it would destroy my credibility with the people in our small town. It would have been smarter for me to cop for it while it was being posted with a header something like, “what do you think of this?” I’m not sure what I’m going to do now, If I let it slide it’s not right and if I say something? I’m not sure if anyone cares other than me.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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