September 1st.

The air was predicted to be in the good range today, I’m not too sure we made it. The sky was clear this morning with a haze on the horizon, most likely smog. I was out for 1/2 hour when the smoke incurred eye-watering and stinging began which encouraged me to head inside. As the day wore on it appeared to clear up a bit more however I remained inside ranking my gallery.

Due to them being un-organized I have blocks of photos of the same animals randomly spaced. As with the Green Herons I’m posting today I will be going through them when I suddenly realize some are pretty good. That’s what I’ve been doing during this shelter in place chapter.

The Green Herons have been on the slough during the entire summer. They don’t migrate and are fairly territorial.

I’m not sure where their nest is although I have a suspicion or two. There is a spot on the far Levee that attracts mammals and birds alike. The Otters have had a den there for several years, although theirs may not be on the water side. The Canadian Geese frequent the exact place as do the Green Herons. I suspect there is a watering hole on the Levees hard side where the Otters den may be.

The Canadians post a watch on the Levee top keeping an eye out for predators while the flock is busy in the pasture. But the Green Herons are all about continuing on with whatever it is they do all day long. They are small and may not be noticed by the larger birds however the small birds are constantly pecking at their tail feathers.

The reason for the harassment is although they are small the Herons rob the nest of Starlings, Red Wing Blackbirds and the Fly-Catchers. They take eggs and the new hatchlings, it’s all about preserving the species. They will eat nearly anything, nuts, seeds, amphibians and or course fish. Like all animals there are times ones who’s eyes are bigger than the stomach. Green Herons much like their larger cousins the Great Blue Heron often place themselves in that position. I have seen them with fish, snakes and mammals that should satisfy the appetite for several days if not a week.

Most of the time they are merely around flying back and forth as if they are on center stage. They fly as if on a mission, every time they take to the air the birds shoot off like a rocket. Especially when flying with the wind, I believe they know two speeds on and off.

While I was riding my scooter on the levee under this tree last year when I looked up and was greeted by a mating pair. I stopped taking my time as to not frighten them off; they sat there waiting as if they were posing.

There are times when I don’t think birds are capable of seeing us large humans as anything but a threat of being stepped on. At least with the small birds, Sparrows among others. Some will flee at the slightest provocation and others are a bit more lenient. I read that about fish which has me wondering if birds may be the same; I won’t bank on it.

One of the reasons they are fast fliers is due to their streamlined body, the wings seem to be a bit oversized for their torso. I really have no idea, but common sense tells me that pointy beak, those big wings and the stamina of the small bird it should be no surprise they are quick.

They have Green in their name due to a band of Green feathers on the back side, I have never seen it in the wild. It is a reason for my taking so many images of them, my goal is to capture it shining in the morning sun. I will wish my self luck with that.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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