Twelve Picture Sequence of a Great Blue Heron Taking off and Landing.

Twelve Picture Sequence of a Great  Blue Heron Taking off and Landing.

I have been attempting this for the past year, taking a sequence of images in order of a large bird being at rest, taking off and landing. This blog is a photo blog with few words.

The Great Blue Heron is contemplating where to fly to next, as it ends up not too far.

They are quick on the first leap into the air, he has one toe on the dock as the final push.

Tucking the leg up he has liftoff with a strong downward wing thrust.

Spreading his wings with this thrust it will propel him up and forward.

He’s free of the dock, now the world is the limit.

All that is needed is a final push.

He’s off to the races now nothing will stop him.

Between the docks he is now able to fly where ever he wants.

His entire body is behind this effort.

Flying free until he spots another dock; a trip of 50 feet.

Great spot for a long awaited rest.

Carrying on as if nothing happened.

I was fortunate to be able to take a few pictures this morning early, the wind was down and the sky was relatively clear. It was a cool 58ยบ F with a 12mph wind making it feel cooler. I had been watching this Heron for a short while from 200 yards he was standing in water up to his breast which made him appear to be a different critter. After taking a look through my binoculars it was plain to see him in all of his glory. At that time he lifted out of the water and flew with the wind away from me; I figured he was long gone. Then he showed up suddenly from my left against the wind which is my advantage. I was taken somewhat by surprise which rushed me to lift the camera and begin taking images. Aim, Focus, and press the shutter; hours of practice pays off. I had originally taken 14 pictures 2 of them were of good quality but they were of his back and South end. I’m fairly happy with this sequence, it tells a story.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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