Tough week.

I had a busy week causing me to miss writing my blogs for 4 days. I had a health issue (heart) and spent Tuesday in the Emergency Ward at the hospital. I’m fine, I caught it before it was a heart attack, but what drained me was the series of medical exams I went through. The Doctor told me to do nothing for a week.

The Canadians remain around the slough, I was able to watch them through the window. Due to the smoke from the Wildfire I am not able to go outdoors although it appears a merely haze. Plus we are back into quarantine and must wear our masks everywhere again. I don’t mind the masks, vaccinations or the booster that’s likely to be next; I don’t like having to be inside the house all of the time however.

I’m not one to cool my heals for too long so I spent the week editing my gallery and studying photography. I purchased an online photography course, they are priced very affordable and I can use all of the information I can get. I am a believer in paying for stuff versus all of the free offers on line. Those that are free are helpful but the instructors are more willing to help when one pays the proper fees.

Although my photos are used exclusively on my blogs I have been asked to sell some of my pictures. Generally my reply is that I would be flattered if they used them and merely give me credit. They all have a copywrites however it takes manpower to enforce them. The latest offer may be too good for me to say no to, thus the reason for taking a photography course. There is more to photography than what I know, it’s one of those activities that the more one knows the more there is to learn. I need to step up my skills if I intend to present a gallery for examination and acceptance.

I am not soliciting for jobs or added income, I will donate all of the income to our local Scout Hall and our lone park. Both are always in need of contributions. I have been donating to Saint Judes on behalf of Mrs. Lebec and I, so with this I will stay local. I will need a few months to put this together as the interested party basically wants a “what is there to do around here?” display. I will go as far as Yosemite but the rest will be within the Delta.

Hopefully I will be back in the swing of things, I am way behind on my writings and photography. I am also writing a series of short stories with a completion due in one year, one a week is the goal and it appears I will accomplish that goal.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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