Quarantined Again With My Photos, I’m Worried.

Quarantined Again With My Photos, I’m Worried.

I continue working on my Small Flying Bird project it is ongoing. I will be taking pictures of them for a long time, I have chosen it as a niche. I find it as much of a challenge as Landscapes but not quite as difficult as Portraits. I just simply don’t take portraits, I don’t feel as if I do the subject justice they always seem to be more attractive outside of my photographs. There is a real art to Portraits complicated by the aware, talking subject.

Landscapes are a challenge I enjoy although my learning curve is still fairly steep; it’s mostly composition needing all of my artists eye. Over editing is an issue as well, the Robin in the above photograph had been over edited by me. Luckily there is always one last chance to correct the image just before posting it. That has saved me more than once as my goal is to post only 5 star pictures. I took over 100 pictures to get this picture and 5 others.

On the day this image was taken the wind was at 25 mph keeping at least the Robins close to the ground. This bird and one other were flying through the gap in the bushes behind the Robin. But they remained low making it easier to fly through the weeds. They are fast birds, not capable of slowing down they are equal to the Scrub Jays orneriness. This is a good picture of how dry it is.

We see it again in the picture above, three good pictures of a small bird in flight in one sitting is good. I actually ended with about 7 keepers, two of which I deleted this morning. They were just too soft with no detail. This image has shown real movement, I want to lean with the Robin as he navigates the narrow opening.

I was fortunate to be able to capture a few photographs of Sparrows, they are fast and elusive in the wind. The shadows were sharp during this photography session due to the excessively bright Sun, but it brought out some good detail. Immediately when the Sun gets just above the horizon the sky is filled with the unfiltered bright California Sun.

The Sparrows are fast for sure but they have a tendency to fly straighter than Starlings and Flycatchers. At times a flock will fly overhead which makes me attempt to take the scatter gun approach randomly taking pictures of the group. It’s not a good technique and it never works out for me perhaps because there are so many birds the camera cannot focus on one.

By using that technique I would take shotgun photographs of Red Wing Blackbird flocks with no success. It’s one of my goals capturing a detailed image of one, I have taken several that were close. However not in the “very close” range, they were all filled with photographic issues.

I’m in the house again after a short period of being able to go out and about without too much worry. Now however our County is at the beginning of another Covid surge, I have to quarantine again. Masks are mandatory again, a daughter and her entire family now have tested positive for C-19. The husband doesn’t believe in vaccinations so no one had them, now the entire family of 7 is compromised. The truly worst of it is our 1 year old Grand-son, man am I worried.

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One response to “Quarantined Again With My Photos, I’m Worried.”

  1. You have an magic touch to catch birds in flight – so much detail of the feathers and their texture. Beautiful and so nice to study the birds this way to learn more about them
    Worth so much to be able to go outside if careful – hopefully your daughter and kids can sit outside in the sun for a bit – fresh air and sun do help fight this off if their immune systems are sturdy – as well as good food which hopefully is able to be prepared.
    Kids are resilient, but we worry here too – with their parents in medical fields and the kids too little for vaccines.
    Would that COVId would fly far far away quickly like a bird


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