Merely Curious, that’s All.

I have to be careful writing my blogs today I seem to have adopted a philosophical state of mind the past two days. None the less one fits into my normal range of subjects, I have been thinking of animal intelligence as of late. It manifested this morning while watching a documentary on Discovery. It was about the most violent animals in Africa. I was watching the animals outside my window while paying attention to the television. When my curiosity peaks I rely on the 5 W’s; what, where, when, who, why, and how.

I was continuing to edit through my Red Tailed Hawk gallery, the more photos I viewed the more it added to my curiosity. If the animals were completely fluent in our individual native tongue language, what would they say? I have stated on this blog at times; I don’t believe we would understand what they were trying to convey to us. The prime question I would ask all starts with the word why; would it make sense to them? Why did you decide to land on that spindly old Italian Cypress Tree top?

He finally stabilized himself on the top, all I can do is guess then make an assumption why he would. But I cannot think like the Hawk, what if words like those in the 5 w’s are undefinable in their minds? I don’t believe they are capable of getting their ideas across to us due to the many in which we evolved in our special habitats. I am skeptical they would be able to identify with the word “Why”. Or be able to discern between a question, statement and argument.

I question whether they have any concept of time negating the word when, I am assuming there are two times of day for them, dark time and light time. However the time of seasons may be ingrained in their minds especially the urge to pro-create. To ask one How they know when to build a nest, seek a mate and produce offspring I suspect the answer may be akin to “I don’t know.”

It’s not isolated to birds alone; my curiosity crosses all borders, would an Otter be able to identify with what the Hawk was saying and vice versa? I hesitate to think communications would be direct and sensible, it may be more akin to when explorers landed on a newly discovered Island inhabited by people. The residence referred to themselves almost universally as “the People”, the explorers called them savages. After a few words were learned of one anothers native tongue no-one still couldn’t figure out what was being said. It would be much more difficult attempting to communicate with those we have nothing in common with.

Why is the Crow chasing this Hawk? What did he do to deserve this? If we rely on hearing it from the critters we most likely have a very long wait.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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