The Brood Returned.

I’ve been oversleeping lately I’m not sure of the reason I should be so tired, but most people I’ve talked to have said the same. I read an interview with a therapist who commented on just that. He said we’re all suffering from Trauma due to be isolated for a year and the past 5 years.

I happen to think mine is caused by over-eating, I’ve gained 15 pounds over the past year.

I took the photo above on May 3, 2021 the Goslings had hatched May 2; this was their first excursion. I haven’t seen them for a while although the parents have made passes flying above the slough. The small ones grow rapidly, it doesn’t take long for them to be exact copies of the Parents.

This is the same Geese this morning, unfortunately three did not make it to this stage. The Goslings are nearly as large as their parents but still are dependent upon a watchful stern overseer. The Gander is in the front while the Goose watches the two in front of her.

They were on top of the Levee when I went outside this morning, I set my camera up and proceeded to take photos. The young ones spent time stretching their wings in what appeared to be bragging. They would cut one another off, flap their wings in others faces and being a general nuisance.

They should be flying by now however I haven’t seen them in the air, I was hoping they would do a fly by. I followed them as they entered the water 200 yards from me then swam across the water to the far Levee. They were out of range, I was content to sit and wait as they were swimming in my direction.

I’m not sure what these two were doing but they are either in cahoots or confused. They walked quite a while down the Levee top past a curve where they were out of sight. I suspect they have spent their time maturing in the pasture. Their nest is on the same side and it’s a short walk to the field. I have seen the parents swoop low then land out of sight on the far side. I’m a bit curious why they aren’t flying yet or being taught; it may be due to the 25 mph wind.

On sentry duty the Gander is loyal to his offspring and mate; some have more than one brood a year. This group is a bit late but not late enough to be a second nesting. It was good to see them again this year I had thought they headed North but it looks as if they will be here year around.

The critters are beginning to come out again with their offspring but not venturing far from the nest. The young Red Squirrels have been rustling about for the past month, the Doves are testing out their wings and are close to leaving the nest.

The wild fire smoke has not reached us in any quantity even though the nearest fire is about 25 miles to the West. The weather satellite shows all of the smoke pluming toward the East. 200,000 Acres have burned in California this year, that’s 5 times more than last year. It’s far from over I’m afraid there is plenty of fuel in the Mountains and on the Valley Floor as well.

Jaques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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