I Placed my Needle in a Different Groove; Flowers.

There are times when one must pick up the needle and put it in different groove, I’m going to write this blog about Flowers, a topic I know nothing about. Now when I say nothing all I know about them is they are pretty and fun to photograph. I get all tangled up when someone asks me “what species of flower is that?”, let me check with Mrs. Lebec is not the correct answer, neither is that I’ll look it up on my plant app. That plant identifying app is wrong as often as it’s correct, but when I don’t know what I’m looking at I’ll pretty much accept any answer.

It’s not a traditional flower I’m guessing these are what is called Prickly Pears, I’m not at all sure but they are edible. There are a large number of Cactus throughout California as well as the entire South Eastern U.S. They grow well in this climate, they are water misers as well. This particular plant grows near me wild on the Levee near a Marina, several people await for them to ripen. The day I took this photo last year they were at the peak of ripeness, I entered it in a contest and came out in the top 50% which is OK by me.

The picture above was taken in my neighbors garden, they are part time residents so I kind of keep an eye on their place during the week. They have a beautiful garden that is well maintained but I tell them they need to come for a weekend and not work around the place. They have begun to do just that, but still a bit of weeding, watering and making flower arraignments is an enjoyable activity. It’s a photo of a Geranium next to a Tree in a hidden spot of their garden, when I showed it to her she didn’t know where it was. I showed her, it is in my mind a jewel of her garden. However I have taken pictures of many red flowers, and a few others seem to fall into place.

Rosemary has many uses as a herb in cooking, attracting Honey Bees and I like to rub it in my hands because it smells so good. I spent a day photographing Honey Bees in it attempting to get as close to them as possible. The photo above is a good picture, only a Bee can make Rosemary appear to be a forest. There are times it attracts a large number of various insects as well as birds. I tell the people walking past to clip off as much as they want; it is after all a 8 foot diameter by 6 foot high plant.

The California poppy grows throughout the state, normally in thick clusters they are pretty. I took this picture as a lone flower in an attempt to have the Orange be the only noticeable subject as compared to the green of the leaves. In a way I achieved that goal I feel but it remains an uninspiring image. I still like it although I have posted it just once I find my admiration is in the minority. I will wait for them to bloom again then I’ll back up and do it again.


Each time I post the photo above I have to ask Mrs. Lebec what it is. I just asked her again it’s a Hibiscus; It adds so much to our entry way. It’s actually a Tree type of plant set in a huge planter it thrives in the shade on our front porch. The backdrop is my neighbors house 100 feet in the distance, it is a nice image. It makes me feel good to see it, I believe that is what flowers do.

I had to take several shots of this one at various times of the day. The early morning is often the best time as the shadows are long and soft. To take an image of a bright subject in the middle of the day is possible it must be captured in the shadows. I took this one at dusk as the sun settled on the far side of a Tree to the West. I’m pleased with this image, the color of the Rose remains bright but is not lit up like a beacon.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this Rose, being flower illiterate I did not know until recently that they grew multi-colored like this one. In fact this entire Rose bush has many different colors of flowers on it, that too I did not realize was possible.

Bright Yellow, this Rose was a tough shot to get an angle on, it is a bit awkward in its position. It would have been better if the face of the flower was in line with the camera, but it remains an interesting picture. In the past it was my belief the only plants worth growing were fruit and vegetable bearing. I suppose growing older changes a guy in some ways, it shouldn’t be a surprise I suppose. There are a lot of activities and opinions I have left behind that is just one of them, it’s most likely called maturing. Excepting the past 3 years I have always grown Sun Flowers, I convinced myself it was to feed the seeds to the critters.

Flowers have a special niche in the world, sure some critters eat them, some ignore them and still others use their pollen. For me I have learned the joy in merely being around them realizing just how important they are. I have not posted my photo of the Milkweed plant, it is without dought the most important plant in the garden as it’s the only one Monarch Butterflies will lay their eggs on, everyone should plant one for them and a Rosemary for the Honey Bees.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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