Winter Geese and Summer Fireworks.

I have been trapped in the house all day due to the construction of a small new sidewalk. It is at the end of our access bridge to the Levee, a 3 foot square small slab that is blocking the gate. Of course I sat out there watching it being built by a man we hire to do everything around here. He mows our lawn, makes dump runs, fixes fences, everything out doors. Santiago is the best handyman I have ever met, he’s fixing the fence next. Everything around this place seems to be broken.

I’m back in the archives again and have chosen the Canadians running on top of the water for this blog. I have enough pictures on my hard drive not counting the 2 terra bite drive, to post two new photos every day for 300 years. It’s no wonder I delete so many, they really do sneak up on a photographer. I took the pictures of the Canadians from January 2021 until they left during the month of May. I remember when they left because the wind started blowing within the next two days and it hasn’t stopped.

The big birds are enjoyable to watch when they are competing for mates, that’s what was going on during this time. They are normally noisy but during this time of year they are obnoxiously noisy, so much there are Coyotes and Foxes looking over the Levee as to ask “What the heck is going on over there?”

I took 55 photos this morning, a couple of boats, Vultures, a few Hawks and some small birds in flight. I deleted every last one of them, the lighting was wrong, the wind was wrong and the coffee got cold. I rolled up then assumed my normal position in the command post where I watch the world through a window. I just don’t do weather well any longer, heck I gave my rain gear away and I don’t own sunscreen.

I like this picture with the water trail behind him, it makes me want to lift his right leg out of the water just to help him. Sometimes it appears extremely clumsy when they take to the air, other times they are graceful as a soap bubble. Canadians land very gracefully barely making a splash, they often land in tandem and surprisingly in threes. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around three it just seems odd. However it is very common in the wild world, I began noticing it a few years ago. I guess it may be an indication of looking and not seeing. I believe the first I noticed was when they were a flock of four, then one day they were three, someone was on the wrong end of the stick I suppose.

Tomorrow is a new day, I have seen just one illegal fire work go off during the past week. It’s a big deal around here as I’m sure it is in a lot of areas. Normally the small town three miles West of here is lit up from the middle of June until a few weeks past the 4th. The Cities may have successfully put the Kabash on it. I’m not a stick in the mud, I love fireworks but not in this environment. One bottle Rocket is capable of burning down hundreds of thousands of square Acres, and as Old Zuess would say “We don’t need that now do we?”

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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