I wonder if they think.

The critters are beginning to populate the slough after what seems like was an extra long nesting season. I saw a fledgling Turkey Vulture early this morning and it seemed to be flying well in the wind. The Terns were active as well, I was fortunate to be able to take a few pictures.

They are fast birds by any standards but in the wind it is accelerated by what seems to be many times. As they hunt for their meals unknown to them they are great entertainment. Diving into the water to emerge with a small bait fish is always fun to watch, however not so much for the fish.

We’re not experiencing what I’m hearing is an extreme heat wave on the West Coast, some of the cities further inland are heating up. This breeze is keeping us cool also bringing whiffs of smoke from some far off fire. It’s not a constant smell but will come and go; neither is it predictable. I attempted to find nearby fires through the Cal-Fire site but this smoke either came from a small fire nearby or a larger fire far off on another Island.

The action was slow when I decided to go indoors out of the wind, I took about 50 pictures and edited down to a dozen.

I spent a good portion of the rest of the day installing new strings on my Ukulele and Banjo Ukulele. I told myself the guitars are next with plans to do them on Sunday. However like all good plans it fell apart, our weekender neighbors arrived; they generally keep us busy all day. This day was no different, my little projects had to take a back seat. A good indicator instruments need new strings is to be sitting in the quiet and suddenly hear “Ping”. One is bad enough (and embarrassing as well) but when two go within minutes of one another something isn’t right. Maybe I should change them once a year, I’d hate to over do it. When they won’t stay in tune is another indicator besides being a pain in the neck, but some of us lazy players ignore it for an unbelievable length of time; eventually the strings start breaking then there is no way out. That is if a person ever wants to make music again.

The photo of the Scrub Jay was taken several months ago I had re-discovered while reviewing my picture gallery on Lightroom. I posted this on Tumbler and received a number of likes and hearts. This is one of those pictures I had classified as good but not really outstanding. I am beginning to believe I may have been incorrect and makes me wonder how many good ones I’ve trashed. I’ll never know, anyway I hope those viewing it will appreciate it more than I did.

I can’t help myself from posting two pictures of each bird, it just seems to have a bit more balance; two photos tell a story. Many of the birds we have a tendency to take for granted, Scrub Jays are among them. Commonly fingers point at this Corvid as being the backyard bully around the feeders. Corvids display some traits of being able to “think and plan”. However most animals behavior Scientists do not accept any animal is capable of thought. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, I believe at some point we may be able to prove if they do or don’t. Humans may not be intelligent enough to be able to know. After all how can we get inside the animals head to enable us to be inside looking out? Even if animals spoke our language we most likely would not be able to understand what they were talking about. We have no idea what their priorities, interest and motivations are; I don’t believe it’s limited to hunting for food.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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