Starts and stops.

I have a lot of irons in the fire none of which needs to be done by any kind of deadline other than Doctor Appointments. I was banging around the garden this morning quite satisfied with the vegetables that are beginning to form on the plants. The growing progress of the plants is satisfactory, not great or gangbusters as they appear to be struggling.

Pumpkins are one of my favorite garden plants, I use them all year around to feed my Worm Farm. Generally I will have a dozen to last from Halloween until April, the Red Wigglers eat them up. I make sure all of the grandkids get plenty to carve and I encourage them to give me all of the seeds; but keep a few to plant for themselves. However it’s much easier to let Grand-Pa do it, they return all of the seeds. If I had an acre I would grow enough to give away to all of the kids on the Island.

The Cactus is not in my garden it’s down the way on the Levee growing wild. I have a few but they have yet to put on fruit, this year I plan on learning how to eat these prickly pears. I don’t know if that’s what they are called but that is my name for them.

This wall of green with the wispy flowers is a Milk Weed, one of my pride and joys. On the other hand Mrs. Lebec is not too very fond of them, she doesn’t appreciate how highly they are valued. Not monetarily by any means but this is the only plant Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs on and the only plant the small Caterpillars will eat. They are important plants and people keep spraying weed killer on them, that’s way too bad.

A Pumpkin hiding back deep in the plant, this photo was taken two years ago many of the Pumpkins growing now are off spring of this one. Watermelons are growing across the garden too close to the Cantaloupe, perhaps I’ll end up with orange Watermelons and red Cantaloupe. I don’t think that will happen although being in close proximity to one another they are spaced to not affect one another.

My other projects remain on the back burner until the wind dies down; it generally blows until September. Work on the house due to the fire continues, the contractor stopped by today to explain the plan. The gist of it is if the wind doesn’t stop they won’t be able to install the new siding until it does; September or October. The entire world could be different by then, I know for certain the color decided on painting it will change many times between now and then.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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