Too Wet to Plow and Too Windy to Shingle.

I wish it were too wet to plow, it’s an old adage that I have used for many years since working on my Father in laws Ranch in Fresno. He passed away a long time ago but his jokes and adages have stuck with me. I’ve got a million stories surrounding that guy.

I have very few new pictures to share most of them are of my experimental variety. My intent was to write this blog using images obtained overnight with my trail trap camera. I intend to do that however with this wind it became a not impossible task but fruitless. The camera can be set to take a short 30 second video or up to 3 snap shots when motion triggers it.

Each of the two spots I chose to set it up in is surrounded by vegetation, either vegetables in the garden or bushes on the Levee. I have no desire to fill up a SD card then watch over an hour of wiggling plants. I set it down to be greeted by it taking 3 series of photos immediately, at least I know it works.

The wind is hampering my efforts on numerous fronts besides the camera trap. I need to calibrate my lenses as well however that entails the use of another tri-pod which I have. A cardboard placard is mounted upon it then moved to each focal length of the lens, this wind will blow that ensemble clear across the State.

I am planning a photograph of a few carvings I have made for entry into a contest, I want to take them outside. It’s not going to happen until the wind reduces to at least 7mph less is better.

In the meantime “it’s too wet to plow and too windy to shingle;”

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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