Summer has Settled in.

Hot windy days accompanied with cool windy nights makes for good sleeping conditions and creates the best environment for wine grapes. That’s all I have to say about that.

The 25mph wind kept Skunkpuppy and I inside the house this morning until around 9:30am. We were met with a not so bad photo opportunity. Most of the critters were not out but I did capture a few shots of the Hawk in the picture along with several small birds in flight shots. The Hawk appeared from thin air as they sometimes will, if I am ready it’s fine if I’m not well curses then. I’m not sure what species of Hawk this is, I’m not brave enough to guess.

I was able to take several of these two Hawks, this one is a Red Tailed Hawk, he is a resident of the slough. I had to crop both of them, but thankfully not a total butcher job which I would have had to delete; they are both good shots for my blogs.

I was able to get an image of this Robin as it flew through an area blocked by the wind. Still I can’t help but wonder if flying close to the ground helps them deal with the wind. But the wind doesn’t seem to bother the Scrub Jays, Crows or Mocking birds; does it have something to do with them all being in the Corvid family?

I concentrated on images of small flying birds, actually I had taken 175 images deleting all but 52 of them; the image above is not one of them. Not only is taking pictures of them quite a bit of fun but watching them is better than TV.

I don’t like using the same pictures in two blogs but this one I’m making an exception; I used it in my other blog this morning. I like this one, it is a bit humorous to me only because I’m relating it to humans, the birds are dead serious. The Sparrows spend a lot of time chasing one another away from the preferable seeds, there is plenty for all of them. I’m done thinking I can figure out what is going on in their world from their perspective, I never will.

They are not all flying birds, I ran across this one earlier while searching for two images to post on Viewbug, flicker and Tumblr. I post two daily on each, the limits vary 6 are allowed on Tumblr, 9 on flicker and Viewbug limits it to two or five depending. The small birds are everywhere, they are fun to take pictures of as well as watch.

I’m settled in for the Summer, chin strap fastened, air purifier filters stocked up and my smoke mask ready; it will be a fine fire season Summer.

Jacques Lebec natural self reliance

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