Trail Camera Time.

Trail Camera Time.

I purchased another new flag for Memorial Day having replaced the last one two weeks ago. The wind has shredded it already, another heavy duty wind resistant American Flag is on the way. The Knights of old wore chain mail, I’m wondering if a piece of aluminum chain mail painted like a flag is feasible, it may be cheaper in the long run. Oh that’a a bunch of nonsense I’ll leave this one up until all that’s left is the grommets

Early this morning there was a hint of the wind; we made plans to BBQ this afternoon but that idea was blown to the next county when the 30mph breeze lit up the slough. The Great Blue Herons are now avoiding it by flying to the land side of the far levee. They fly over the levee at around 7:30 am one at a time. The prevailing wind is blocked if they stay close to the berm and away from the top.

A high pressure ridge has built up which normally means hot temperatures with no wind, today we have both plus aching bones.

I’m posting photos I have previously used as I was unable to get any images this morning, the critters are avoiding being buffeted by the wind. I have dreamed up a new project in the mean time, there is so much opportunity to pursue. I have a trail camera that was free to me, it was given to me by my friend Big Mike before he passed away. I have long suspected Fox, Bobcat and other critters are out and about after dark.

I have a bucket of water for the wild ones in the garden, I replenish regularly several times a week. I am confident the critters visit it each night. They are able to shorten the trip to the river by 200 feet although they most likely still make the trek.

I have two places in mind for the trail camera the first is to focus on the bucket of water and leave it there for at least one week. I have never done this before so the learning curve may be a bit steep plus the camera was made in 2009 making it’s condition on the iffy side. I had it working earlier this year, I’m anticipating not having a problem to start off with. However it would be nice if I had just a hint of an idea of what I’m doing.

The second placement will be where Mrs. Lebec feeds the local wild Rabbit colony. I strongly suspect a wild one is eating the food. It’s all vegetables with a few Alfalfa pellets tossed in. All of the critters I expect to show up will eat anything, including the Coyotes. The large canine will most likely show up, but if they do the Fox won’t as they are natural enemies. Old Wylie is in trouble if he runs into a good sized Raccoon however.

Out of pure curiosity I checked on the cost to purchase a new trail camera, I thought they were in the several hundred dollar range. I could not have been more mistaken they are priced reasonably. The costs is just under $100 with some offers for multiple units available which ends up buying two and getting one free. I’m not sure if this one doesn’t work if I will ante up the moola for 3; however I understand how a guy could put them to use. The price stands to reason because it seems as if everything has a camera it.

With nothing to lose I will set it up tomorrow on a small trip-pod I’ve had for a while, it was free as well. So I’m not out anything but I stand a lot to gain. In the event I capture photos of what ever wanders past I will then develop a plan to capture some interesting pictures. I am expecting to make several stops/starts until I figure out a procedure; mostly due to not having a manual or a tech line to call.

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