If Everyone’s Hat has a Chinstrap, it’s Gonna be Windy.

If Everyone’s Hat has a Chinstrap, it’s Gonna be Windy.

I was stuck looking out the window this morning; the wind will be here until September, I’ve grown used to that. The cold temperature is free to leave at anytime hopefully to return where it belongs; December. I woke early to get out there as I thought the critters would be active in the calm water. “Calm” I suppose is a matter of perspective, the wind was 40mph all through the night.

The Canadians Goose and Gander didn’t let the wind stop them however, they are very tough birds. Notice how they are leaning back, they are holding the wind back. Yeh, it’s just that crazy lately, some on the Island opine this is the windiest they have seen it. That may be so but regardless it is normally windy from the end of April until the first of September. We’ll have a few days without it but they will be few and far between.

I capture two of this Dove in flight against the wind, when it turned the gust nearly blew it over. The image is not of some fancy wing work it’s the wind blowing the bird. I watched as one small bird was forced downward by a gust of wind almost into the water.

The American Kestrel in the photo is a small 9 inches long; between the size of a Western Scrub Jay and a small Crow. It’s flying low to the ground into the wind in this image it’s about 1-1/2 feet from the top of the rocks. Bouncing up and down it was fairly hard to track and keep in focus, but for it’s size and the distance from me I’m lucky this turned out at all. I took numerous photos of it yesterday however at the end of the day each one was deleted. I just simply need to get closer to these small birds, yeh, he’s about 10 feet out of range.

The second picture of the Dove was taken just before the previous one showing how close it was to a flip-over. Doves are the most popular game bird in the country; this year it shows they are everywhere in large flocks.

It’s surprising we haven’t lost all of our utilities, normally during these events trees topple, boats get loose and unfortunately a few serious damages occur. At some point the wind may reach 80mph although it’s not in the forecast I feel we need to expect it. 80mph is the lowest speed of a Category 1 Hurricane, it can blow a weak building apart and it has.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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