Add On Post and Canadians.

I have another WordPress page that has been dormant for nearly one year. I am not interested in starting another blog, believe it or not I don’t have all that much to say. I’m going to use it as a “one a day” to post my photographs of which I have thousands with limited places to display them.

Early this morning I had the opportunity to capture this Canadian taking to the air. I’m not sure if it is a Goose or a Gander however I knew (yes knew) it was going to take off due to one of it’s most obvious tell-tales. Two other Geese flew overhead causing this individual to start sounding off. Those two signs combined are a positive indication of a liftoff within a minute or less; more likely less.

My intention was to capture the takeoff in defined steps, it would have been nice if I had captured two more images but I am reluctant to use the rapid shutter mode. Although it is true more wing motions are captured at 7 frames per second, I prefer the 3fps. Taking shots such as this one is very dynamic, I like to click the shutter, let up, re-focus and repeat as many times as possible until the subject is out of the viewfinder.

It is interesting in this shot how the bird appears to be running on top of the water, I’ve a few photos of nearly the same action. This shot was taken from about 125 yards from the camera which is pretty much the end of range for a 600mm lens. If an attempt to capture a photo at greater distances causes even me to wonder what I’m looking at it is immediately deleted; it happens much more often than one can imagine.

I have posted a number of pictures of Canadians lately; availability is the reason; they have taken over the slough for the next few weeks.

Picture Post should be current from my perspective unless the group is telling a story; in which case dates don’t matter.

These final three images were taken two days ago of the what I suspect is the same bird. I believe it is because he/she is always alone, most likely having lost its mate on the migration South. Typically they will find a new mate almost immediately upon arriving as they have no time to waste during mating season.

Gaining altitude rapidly with the use of their huge wings they easily catch up to the flock. In this case it joined two Geese that have flown over head at approximately the same time every morning for the past few weeks. They will fly close enough for me to hear them but not see them every time. This morning they flew within 10 feet of me; much too close to capture an image.

It reaches its nominal speed then enters cruise mode, they will glide during heavy winds and high seas. I have come up with a plan to capture them tomorrow morning when they make the pass-over. I will have a few seconds to react, most likely no more than 3; I will use the 7fps setting as I won’t have time to re-focus. We’ll see about all of that but it’s worth a go as it will have a nice background of trees overlooking the farm on the road side.

Great now that I have their activities planned for 6am tomorrow morning it remains to be seen if they got the message to co-operate with me; if not there is always Tuesday.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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