I Got my second shot, plus.

The big day finally arrived, I received my second C-19 vaccine at 8:30 this morning. As I was leaving the house my coffee was set in a flower pot while I unleashed my mobile beast. When I picked up the cup it was empty I hope the plant enjoyed it.

It was fairly uneventful throug the inoculation process, it takes an army of people to work in that clinic. Mrs. Lebec pushes me around in my mobility chair, she won’t let me bring my electric chair any place. The reason is according to her; I “disappear” somewhere and she spends a lot of time searching for me. After the shot was administered we left which involves going through doors that are awkward when two people and a chair are passing through, buildings are not designed for the handicapped. All of that is fine and expected we merely deal with stuff then continue having a good time. I push the door to hold it open with my arm, it’s a mistake each time. My arm was cut on the door opener, my skin is delicate, it began to bleed then I had to go to the minor injury department. I learned this lesson a long time ago to never get injured, fall, or cause any reason to be held prisoner in a Hospital. The cut was treated by a nice Nurse and Doctor, after an hour I was finished with that.

I took a few pictures, but this one is from two days ago.

But I had an ear appointment which required us to stick around for 1-1/2 hours but that was reduced due to the hour I spent in the clinic. The wound was glued together, that failed after I returned home which caused me to bandage it like the professional band aid applier I claim to be. Now I await to see if I suffer any Virus Shot complications, I won’t but if I do I’m not going to the clinic.

A flock of California Quail crossed my path two days ago, I was fortunate to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to take a few pictures. It’s the State Bird maintaining a robust population. They remain under the ground cover amongst the trees until Spring then again in the Fall we see them. Later during April they may start showing off the brood strolling down the shoulder of the road. Many of the Critters will be bringing their offspring out for the show.

I was able to capture this young Squirrel on the old dock, he is quite young it’s difficult to tell from the photo but the small size exposed the age. I have one bucket in the garden full of water year around for them. Even though the river is close it’s hard to imagine the animals not having access to drink. I watched this Squirrel scramble around the dock, high, low and on the far end, it was not able to reach the surface until it left the dock and scrambled down the rocks. I will set up another water source for them tomorrow.

Egret flying

The Egrets remain out of sight I suspect they are on their nests. They may bring their fledglings out for flight lessons around the last week of April, or the first of May. I have taken a lot of photos of Egrets, they as the SeaGulls are always around and of such stature to make great photos. Each picture is just a bit better than the last making the goal to retain the best ones. But when judging ones own pictures we have a tendency to keep everything, yeh that can be a problem.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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