This has been an Odd Day.

I am no longer a wide roaming human, I’m anchored to the 1 acre around my house and the three mile road it is on.

The wind begins this time of year, it won’t leave us alone until the end of September. Sure there will be a few days when it doesn’t blow but for the majority of time it does. It was 12-15 mph until 6:30pm it is now 1/2 of that velocity. Shelter in place is how I refer to it, if the temp is below 50º f it is not my kind of morning. I will at times sit in the window looking out, I have a choice of three; when the ambient rises above 50º f I’m out side.

I went for a tour on my scooter, why in the world I took this picture I’m not sure, nor do I suspect why.

It’s up against a dumpster in a boat yard I ride through when the traveling bug bites me. I have to carry my phone with me not if I have to call someone which rarely happens; but if Mrs. Lebec’s curiosity gets the best of her.

I have a cloudy memory of a contest I was interested in that had something to do with worn out modern stuff which motivated me to search for a subject. One thing is for sure this isn’t it, but there is another I may enter it in. Boring subjects in photographs, this is both of those, I believe that may be its destination.

Cormorants have been my common subject for the past two weeks or so, they are interesting to take pictures of. Being so dark they are always in contrast with their background, I used “Bird Island” as a backdrop on this one. It seems to work well I just wish I was able to squeeze a bit more color and detail from this guy. I took it under the no-no sun, high over head at 11:45am the Sun is directly overhead casting shadows over the eyes. I will rate it a 4 of 5, in order to reach 5 the eye has to be visible with a twinkle in it.

Even with a twinkle in it’s eye this photo is just plain bad, it was taken just after I took the Cormorant. Ravens are tough to get images of as well for the same reasons the I struggle with the Cormorants. They are just too dang dark for the bright blue sky, but with the Sun on this side I felt victory was within reach. Not a chance, I haven’t deleted it yet but it’s heading toward the scented bag now.

I was fortunate to be able to take advantage of this opportunity that landed nearly at the perfect distance. The Herons have been absent from the slough for the past two weeks, not totally; they show up every 4 days or about. But due to nest tending being successful the chicks may now be out of the eggs. The fledglings may be led here in another month during flying lessons. I took a few of it flying but that is sketchy with me at the controls. These images came out well and I’m going to keep them.

I cropped this picture just a bit not a major tear down and rebuild. I didn’t see him catch lunch, miraculously Skunk Puppy didn’t see it at all. Otherwise she would have been on this big bird as if it were a thief. After about 5 minutes the Great Blue Heron packed it up and flew across then far to the South. I don’t take pictures of the South end of a North bound train against a bright blue Sun.

The day resulted in being good, taking these images was accomplished after I finished planting the garden (the photography subjects are iffy at best). There wasn’t much left to be done consisting of planting Bell Pepper, Beet and Butternut Squash seeds in the prepared bins. Resting is my calling, I work for 1/2 hour and take a 1 hour break. I’m not a real tough boss when I’m the only one to push around. motivate.

It’s going to be a good gardening year from the looks of it, every vegetable I’ve planted is continuing to survive. Celebration will be around Thanksgiving when we see how many of the vegetables are on that table.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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