Fire repairs continue; along came the Pelicans.

People old enough to remember Murphy Brown (sitcom) had a painter that never left, he just kept showing up. That is a lot like having a home fire, this was a small event which makes it hard to imagine what is involved in a major burn the house down catastrophe. Compounding it is nothing is scheduled, they just kind of show up then begin sawing, nailing and painting; I’m not really complaining but I now realize why it takes 2 years to rebuild a totally burned down structure. I have to admit it has taken me by surprise as to the extensive work the insurance company is performing.

Meanwhile back at the slough where my comfort zone resides and my coffee awaits me I gaze towards the heavens and what to my wondering eyes should appear; Pelicans. A huge flock of the them flying close to the ground, at times 10 foot over my head. A pleasure to watch as they gracefully transverse the slough from one end to the other. Silently gliding in unison against the 12 mph wind, slowly each one turns as if choreographed.

I don’t believe I have ever heard a Pelican let loose any sort of verbal call, do they make a sound?

I took advantage of the opportunity to take over 100 pictures, unfortunately they were mostly belly shots or the South end of a North bound train. I kept two for posting no photos of the entire flock, they were too high and again Northbound. But I’m not discouraged in the least, they will return and possibly as the last time stick around for a while.

This photo of the flock is from the archives, I believe they bunch together like shown to catch fish. If you notice the Cormorant in the foreground they are where ever Pelicans are. The big birds wait for them to surface with a fish then grab onto their neck in their beak and squeeze them to release the fish. The Pelicans then steal the fish and the cycle continues. Which brings to mind the quote “only the strong survive.” Who is the strongest in that relationship? My nickel goes to the Cormorant, perhaps not the smartest but absolutely the strongest.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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