A reaction to the C-19 Vac.

I had the first C-19 Vaccine shot one week ago, I believe I had a reaction but how is one to know? I’m an old guy with lots of medical issues so It was expected to an extent, regardless it was pretty rough. Every one of my arthritic joints (which is all of them) were swelled and almighty painful. I won’t disclose all of the reaction it wasn’t a big deal, except for the painful ones. I’m now back to my usual 30%, I’m back on the road.

Looking up in the sky during the day most of us have seen the Moon in broad daylight, I decided to take a few shots at it. I have a few but not during the day, a few at daybreak and several more at dusk. I’m not sure if it is possible to take a bad photo of it; I’ve taken some that are destroyed by the auxiliary subjects out of focus. If everything is in focus they turn out well.

We order our groceries to be delivered, I don’t think we will ever go back to pushing a cart around a grocery store. My job when they are delivered is hooking up my wagon to my mobility scooter then pulling it the 1/8 mile or so to the water side entrance. After disconnecting the trailer it’s pulled into the kitchen where the stuff is unloaded directly. Mrs. Lebec and I have a system and by George it works great. I then pull the wagon back to the road side Seeing as how I worked so hard a break is in order but not until after I pull the trash to the road. To make a long point longer I take the break on the road side with my camera; I end up with a bunch of miscellaneous images.

I was concentrating on the Apple tree with all of the blossoms on it so soon. The small Flycatcher (?) above was barely noticeable in the shadows and due to it’s incredibly small stature. Birds of all sized shapes and colors occupy nearly every continent on Earth. From Huge birds like the Ostrich all the way to the size of Humming birds. Are there any smaller than a Hummer?

I enjoy what I refer to as the “9 inch” birds as well, the Scrub Jay (Blue Jay) is included in that group. Bright blue feathers stand out even against a bright blue sky, I remain wondering about their color scheme. They are always around, there is no need wondering where they are because sure as the Sun shines they will show up. I was inundated with them during todays late afternoon photo session.

I am still on restriction due to the wind, the Doctor OK’d stuffing cotton in my ears to keep the cool breeze and dust out of the belfry.

Resisting Robins for me is useless, or the resistance is alright but I always give in and take some pictures. They are arrogant 9 inchers extending the feeling of exceptionalism, they act entitled. I don’t notice the Jays bothering them at all, the red breasted birds swoop in grab a few seeds or whatever they are grubbing for at the moment, then they take to the air.

One more small bird, it’s a bit of a challenge to catch the fast Sparrows, I take a lot of pictures of them. Not nearly the number I have of Seagulls, or some other subjects but Sparrows are holding their own. I have a tendency to value the larger animals above the small ones, that is until recently. I discovered as I have mentioned before that while I’m scanning the horizon for a California Condor, the Hummingbirds are tearing the place apart at my feet. I have also discovered trying to see everything is a kings folly, it’s during that time I miss everything. The best idea is to take what one can get, then create it into an artistic endeavor. There is a lot of beauty in the small ones, catching them is the trick.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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