Saint Patricks Day.

I wonder if Saint Patrick really rid Ireland from a Snake infestation, I understand little of reptiles but from what I’ve seen they do a lot of thinking but most of it is in the wrong direction.

Mrs. Lebec made Corned Beef and Cabbage it was her first attempt, for the past 15-20 years our neighbor has been hosting us for the occasion. She makes it a day to remember for the Irish in us. I must admit Mrs. Lebec eclipsed the neighbors effort, it is excellent; we have a lot of left overs.

I am made up of 30% Irish (I don’t like getting pinched so I wore green.) 30% Northern European (My 10x great Grandfather was Hugh De Bolebec) a Norman during the invasion of England. (Angland in those days referred to Anglo, then changed to England a while later.) The remaining 30% is Menomonee Souix, my Grandfather was born on the reservation in Lady Love Wisconsin. My great Aunt was also sent to the Carlyle Indian Schools to be “White Washed.”

It is my theorey most of us in the United States share just about the same mixture of nationalities, when will we just have DNA classifying us as United States? Better yet North American, all of us Canadians, Mexicans and USA citizens alike, we are all North Americans.

The Corn Beef and Cabbage was the best ever made.

I took a bunch of pictures of small birds, I am beginning to really enjoy it. For being so very small they are a dynamic bunch constantly flittering about staying still only long enough to peck through the grass for seeds. I attempted to feed them during the C-19 quarantine but I was unable to glam onto wild bird seed. To have 10 pounds of the stuff sent UPS or snail mail (which I prefer) costs about the same as the purchase price. Normally delivery is well worth the price, but when the shipping exceeds the product costs I balk on that choice. I purchased Cat food instead, yeh I know it doesn’t make much sense, now you can believe me it doesn’t. The birds would not eat it however the up-side is every Squirrel, Raccoon, Possum and Skunk within 50 miles came over for a free meal. A few days later the word came down to stop feeding the birds due to a Salmonella outbreak, I will resume April 15.

I’m still pursuing the Cormorants as the picture above illustrates. I’m thinking they are just tough birds to get an image of, I take that back, tough to get a decent image of. I looked at this one after opening it during editing and thought what in the sand dunes am I looking at? Now this is a good quality shot, dare I blame it on the bird? Not only do they appear as a blob of goo in a flying picture they actually look like a ball of goo in a good picture. The only reasons I posted it is because it’s there and I can.

Posting this image of a Mocking Bird gives me that feel good all over frame of mind. It was intentional to capture it with a grey background, the color of the sky and the bird nearly match. There are a large number of these guys around the slough, they and the Blue Jays are common. The Jays are more aggressive and meaner when compared to the Mocking Birds. I managed to take a few Blue Bird pictures as well but they were all deleted, the background did not do them justice in the least. It’s a tough background to work with, only outdone by a clear blue sky: of which the Jays compliment.

The Hawks have been extremely active for the past week, rarely seen together outside of nesting season they have been flying next to one another. I mentioned it in the past two blogs how they have been engaged in battle Royale, the airborne aspect of it. Perhaps they are hanging around so closely with one another until the eggs are in the nest, they will take turns sitting on them until the fledglings leave the nest in about 90 days.

I took a paid day off today, faced with a bit of too much weather Skunk puppy and I stuck our collective noses out the door early deciding the green light was not lit. We don’t do weather any longer, after spending 50 years in everything from Hurricanes to Blizzards it’s coffee, donuts and TV for us; only to comment every hour “Man is it nasty outside.”

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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