Disaster on the Slough.

The strong storm sweeping across the state soon to pass into the rest of the country has caused massive power outages. Not only that but living on the water with nothing to block the wind allows massive damage to be done by it. Especially when the velocity is in the near Hurricane Class 1 speed. Wind gusts of 80 mph is the beginning of Category 1, these have been gusting that high over night. Causing total destruction of a Marina at the end of the road, it’s being used as a state sponsored half-way house or something on that order. It is a very orderly and well managed business. One of their docks was lifted out of the water and flipped over onto the Levee top. This dock was about 150 feet long, 75 feet wide and 30 feet high counting the cover. It was unforeseeable as it was replaced a mere 6 years ago and was well built.

Unrelated photo to feel good.

Many people lived on their boats and were on board when the winds struck. A legion of Police raced down the road causing alarm to all of us; we never hear sirens here. I was asleep at 11 pm when they passed, the alarm was people were trapped under it in the water. That is every ones fear that lives on the water, flood, fire, and drowning. Several people who live there are acquaintances, I venture there about twice a month on my scooter. Stopping to talk to anyone that is open to it, waving at others but generally enjoying the scene.

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This is the second time it’s happened in the past year, the wind has destroyed some of their docks on several occasions. From my perspective the owner/operators should suffer no fault, the Marina sits on one of the windiest places on the California Delta. Last years event did nearly the identical damage to a dock on the opposite end of the site. During that incident people were actually thrown from the dock into the middle of the slough along with their boats. No one suffered injuries during that event as well. It happened in the middle of the night while the residents were asleep in their boats, the 80 mph wind lifted the boats with the owners aboard. Being slammed around in the middle of the night then dashing out finding themselves adrift, shock set in for some.

One more to feel good.

The weather is changing here for sure, call it what you want, in California we are in the grips of drought, wildfire, mudslides and wind storms. We are fortunate no one has been killed during these events however we have suffered one major injury at a different Marina.

That Marina had an explosion on board a boat sending one person to the hospital. Part of the Marina was blown away causing a fire and massive oil spill. It’s another long story that occurred Christmas Eve 2020, everyone was evicted immediately. The hard times continue to cascade down on the owner/operator, I have knowledge of few. This is a Federal Waterway, everyone has to answer to them for violations real or perceived.

We have several l days of unstable weather, tonight is forecast to be a bad one.

The storm is still churning out there, the wind is howling accompanied with rain, hard at times. We lose power frequently, we are at the end of the utility service and the furthest East in our County. I don’t mind the outages or the lack of heat nor will I complain about the minor inconvenience I am faced with when I know it can get a lot worse very rapidly; as it has for many people here last night and the probability something will happen again tonight. If the past is any indication of the future; unfortunately on the Delta too often it is.

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One response to “Disaster on the Slough.”

  1. Stay safe. We’ve been getting some pretty heavy storm action down here near Santa Cruz as well, though by the sounds of it not so bad as up where you are. Very nice photos. I particularly like how you use shadow as a sort of frame for the white and violet flower.


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