December is a quiet Month; Everyone is Collecting Pecans for the Winter.

The nights are cool and inviting for a sound nights sleep. I woke at dawn this morning; lined all of my stuff up and went out on the deck. I was met with 40º F temperature, no wind and not a creature in sight. After setting up I was met with a Red Tailed Hawk, he was flying from the road to the far side of the river. I managed to take a few pictures of it until disappearing behind the far side Levee. I knew he had to return at some point so I waited for about 1/2 hour when he finally came into sight again. I began snapping photos of him as he flew towards me, I thought with 50 shots I’d have gotten at least one keeper. I couldn’t have been more mistaken, from all of those photos I deleted each and every one. Oh well that’s the way it goes some of the time.

The image above is from a set I took early last week, they were taken with the same camera settings as the ones this morning, I’m not sure what went wrong; I will do it again tomorrow. But the morning was not wasted I was fortunate to be able to watch the Otters messing around, they have not been out for several days. I watched the SeaGulls diving, dipping and skimming for breakfast, sometimes it’s good to simply watch the critters.

They were out in force early this morning, 5 of them swimming and fishing, I took a few pictures but to have success at photographing swimming Otters is tough. They spend most of their time under water, surfacing only to take in a breath of air. They did not visit the old dock they were very busy hunting on the far side. There are two groups living near here, one across to the S.E. 200 yards distant. The other lives in the opposite direction 200 yards away, 400 yards separates the two. I would bet every penny Mrs. Lebec has that the two are related; a large brood is expected this spring.

The Squirrels are gathering Pecans directly competing with the Corvids for the best ones. As if that matters, the furry little red guys immediately bury theirs while the Crows carry them off to who knows where. Busy as can be the Squirrels have kicked nest building into high gear, I counted 8 in the stand of trees across the road. There are many more on the water side, 4 are in the Bay Tree within 20 feet of the command center. The Road Squirrels and those that live on the water side have different distinct cultures. Those on the water spend more time on the ground teasing Skunkpuppy than their cousins in the trees lining the road.

The road siders are more industrious than the watersiders, or another side to it may be the case. Perhaps the roadsiders are slackers that have fooled around all summer suddenly realizing they better get with winter preparations. The rain of this past weekend may have awakened them with the reality. I’ve watched the watersiders gathering Pecans all summer, all I saw of the others was them stealing my Apples and Peaches. I may have caught on to something here, if the truth is to be known I will never find out what the deal is at all.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road.

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