I Stopped To Smell The Roses.

I’m beginning to be a late sleeper, 7am is late for me, but it takes 1/2 hour to get this rusty old bag of bones all headed in the same direction. Today’s Monday, relatively speaking I have a day off. I have work to do on Thursday and Friday, with the later being the big demand day. Thursday I take the trash cans to the curb, if they are light enough. If not Mrs. Lebec has to do it, I tow them with my scooter, she drags them with sheer super power.

Friday I bring them back in, I also bring in several neighbors cans receptacles while surveying for road kill. One neighbor has an amazing green thumb with a flower garden to show for it, I pass through it while performing my duties.

They are not year around residents so when I bring their receptacles in I take a look around to make sure all is secure. Passing the flower gardens it is difficult for me to go through without stopping to admire them. Above is a Geranium that is hidden in a dark corner against a tree, the red flower really sets off the brown bark. I showed this to the neighbor lady, she did say that she hadn’t noticed it. I must agree its not in an obvious place.

She has several Rose bushes of various colors the one in the above photo is in a dark spot in the garden. The limited light from the noon sun illuminates the white center petals of the flower. I don’t know much about Roses however this plant is one that has different colored blooms; I have no idea why or how.

I first noticed this Rose in the full day light, I took a photo of it then not realizing how bright it would turn out. It was so over-exposed the frame was white and distorted. I realized the sun was too bright which made me decide to take another shot at it. I did at dusk, taking it in the indirect lighting which was subdued in shade the end result is quite good.

I appreciate flower gardens now more than during my earlier years when my motto was “if it doesn’t bear fruit it’s not worth growing.” Yeh, basically that was my mindset, I just wanted to grow food. But now it’s hard to pass any flowering plant without stopping and on occasion taking a picture or two.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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