It’s Raining; Free Day At the Dump.

At one time not long ago everything I purchased had to be weather resistant, rain, fog and extreme heat. Now it just isn’t important any longer for me to be uncomfortable. My mobility scooter and wheelchair are not weather resistant; it says right in the manual “do not go through mud puddles.” Alrighty then I won’t, I will enjoy the weather in comfort. That’s the same reason when I bought my new camera I was able to purchase a non-weather proof model versus the model above it for $800 more. It’s still resistant to mist, fog and other light weather, but I can’t go out in it anyway.

The downside of that is the “want to” in me still is willing to go out there and do something. I looked out the second floor window at the Pecan Trees wondering if the critters missed me. The Crows were out messing around as usual, but really its kind of strange they come out in the rain but not the wind. I was tempted to set up my camera inside the front door which directly faces the mob and take a few pictures. It’s hard to pass up the perfect light that is produced by a damp cloudy afternoon. I declined as it would have been an involved activity which would require me to recruit Mrs. Lebec. She wouldn’t mind at all until two minutes later when she would have to carry everything back up to the 3rd floor. I decided 300 photos of Crows will last the rest of the day, I went back up stairs and fixed two computers, actually an iPad and this one I’m using.

The Christmas Boat Parade was last night, I took a video of it and added music, it ended up just OK. More operator practice is obviously needed, but that’s alright I captured a good image of a Great Blue Heron. I really have enough pictures of them as well, but they are such pretty birds I can’t resist, besides I needed a few blogger pictures. Actually I used him for practice with the video mode, then I snapped a few. It was dark as McGregor’s tea last night, I was concerned about the lack of light but the flashing bulbs on the boats provided enough. We have two parades each year and several special days.

This Ship was not in the parade, it’s heading towards Stockton to unload then load a commodity of one sort or another.

The Frozen Bun Run takes place on News Years Day, postponed this year, huge disappointment. The Opening Day Boat Parade is in April, this one is during the day; more fun. During the summer we have the 50’s bash, it’s a street fair with cars, motorcycles and lots of beer. It takes place during August, September or October, we never know when until about June. Who ever the planning committee is I’m not sure but they sure do get complaints. The biggest being the weather, second is competition from “Hot August Nights in Reno” and the antique boat show in Lake Tahoe. It can be a scheduling nightmare for them, they do the best they can to avoid the heat.

Directly after the 50’s Bash we have the Island cleanup day, it’s every bit as much fun as the other days. With one substantial difference we get to toss all of the junk we’ve piled in our yards into the dump for free. Next year I’m going to set up downtown to take pictures of everyone driving their overloaded trucks then lining up a waiting their turn. I laughed so hard last September watching all of the trucks loaded down driving all over everywhere.

People got lost driving down mainstreet, there were trucks and trailers everywhere. But the funniest thing concerned our new housing development, they were having their grand opening house on the same day. We had people lined up to view the homes between the locals with all of the junk we’ve collected for a year. A bit of an explanation is required, these are million dollar homes. Ours are all 1/2 that price, this is not a town that supports that culture. People got turned around, home seekers were turning around in the dump, dumpers were turning around in the parking lot of the model homes. The Sheriff was here as well, stopping people once in a while to be certain they were locals, it didn’t take long for them to become traffic directors. People with junk filled trailers turning into the model home lot were being shouted at “Hey! You can’t go in there!”. Then the offender had to back out of the lot with this assorted bunch of people behind him. Oh yeh, there were fishermen with boats being towed attempting to get to a boat launch. So now everyone is backing up, the traffic director at the home site is beside himself, the Sheriff is about ready to toss everyone in jail and the guy’s in the trash trucks are being directed by their wives who in turn are being cussed at. On top of it all the dump traffic was getting more clogged up by the minute, in short order no one was going anywhere, Main Street was jammed tighter than white on rice.

The houses are still for sale, there is no traffic downtown and we’re all continuing to collect our trash with our sight set on September and the Free Day At The Dump. What ever happens next year I want some pictures of it, that will be interesting.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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