It’ a Nice Day to Chase a Rabbit and Various Other Little Animals; Skunks Don’t Run Away.

The high wind did not develop which is a good development because with the winds the wildfires increase. Most of the time within one hour of an announced increase in wildfires they start. Yesterday was no different but this time they caught the arsonist versus ignoring it and blaming something else. Two young kids in their early teens set a fire in South San Francisco, this fire was extinguished in short order; they were hauled off to jail where they belong. No others were reported, that’s a good thing.

The neighbors fence is a highway for the critters, the Squirrel is a regular user on his route from his nest to the Pecan Trees and back. On every trip he is carrying a nut in his mouth, avoiding Skunkpuppy he makes the round trip several times a day. First he will make sure the dog is well aware of his activities, they constantly pester one another. Early in the morning the little rodent will jump from the Bay Tree to the handrail, sit on it in front of the sliding glass door watching Skunkpuppy watch him. I’ll have none of it, I open the door and the race is on. All concerned are well aware she will never catch the nut carrier. He scrambles along the top rail with the dog on his tail then leaps from one side to the other handrail. From there he makes a giant leap of about 10 feet to one of the branches where he stops, turns around and chatters at the dog.

Squirrels are not dumb animals I sometimes imagine all of their intelligence is wrapped around teasing the dogs they encounter. Every dog I’ve had, and I imagine I am not alone in this, has made a career of chasing the tree dwelling, chattering little animals. There is no denying the entire show is hard to ignore, it’s always entertaining.

The Rabbits are not ignored by the black and white canine that thinks she is the protector of the Levee. They sneak along the fence looking for Skunkpuppy making sure they are safe to approach the feeding station. In the photo above the Rabbit is checking me out in an attempt to see if the dog is out. She was but won’t chase them if I’m around because I won’t let her, she can’t catch them either.


She is walking up an old dock after chasing the Otters, she’s looking at the spot they were when she first saw them. After that she went to the scat pile and investigated it for about 1/2 hour. She then brought her stinking self up to me for a pat after rolling in it. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, dogs love Otter scat, and man it stinks. She took her normal position on the Levee waiting for another animal of any make model or serial number to dare show itself. If she ever gets tangled up with an Otter, Raccoon or Skunk, well the Pole Cat is different that’s where she got her name from. She could not leave them alone, I assume it’s because Skunks don’t run away, they don’t have to.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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