For Joy, a New Computer.

For Joy, a New Computer.

It was a nice morning; starting out quiet as a church mouse, ending with computer confusion. Mrs. Lebec got a new laptop, it’s always exciting but it’s a lot of frustration interesting interaction with the world of hi-tech to get the damn thing very well designed and functional piece of crap high tech gadget on the road.

I took some pretty good photos this morning never-the-less.

“My email is not loading” she says with emotion in her voice.

“It’s probably due to it having over 6,000 emails backed up in it, that’s gonna take awhile to load. Like maybe a few weeks.” I told her “Xfinity is a lousy email provider, it has been nothing but trouble for years. I told her I’ll go to the alter of Google and find out if there is something YOU can do about it.

Sir Google came back with ” Comcast uses POP for it’s emails, most of the time it works, however if your email is shared between devices there may be a problem.”

“I found the problem, we need to re-visit your email set-up page.” I told her.

“it wants the password for my MSN account” she told me.

“I’m sure you wrote it down somewhere.” I knew she didn’t I replied as she was counting the stars in the password space.

I thought this photo would be nice right here.

“16” she told me.

“Sixteen what?” I asked.

“You know letters in my password.”

“Sixteen letters is more than I write in some of my blogs.” I replied as I handed her dropbox that contains all 10,000 passwords I use.

“My name has sixteen letters in it.”

“Try it.” I wasn’t wasting any time on it.

“Try it, maybe it’ll work.”

“No, I better not, it may screw up the computer.”

“Please, just type in the password will you please.” I was begging, it’s not like 6,000 emails will load by tomorrow morning anyway. She read my mind.

“I should start deleting emails now then maybe, what do you think?”

“No, if you stop it now we may have to junk your new computer, give it until tomorrow.” I told her to the sound of her punching here keyboard.

Todays blog was to be about the Seagulls in the slough.

We got the email working fine, however now all of her programs have to be installed, I’ll copy the url’s from her old computer.

I bought a Samsung computer, I thought it stood to reason that because she’s on her cell phone all of the time it would be good to have all her stuff on both of them. I told her we’ll be able to push a few buttons and the thing will be set up. Brother was I right, these computers are set-up for that task and so much more. Later tonight when we turned the TV on, a Sony smart TV, (Sony really really really smart television.) When we turned it on the Samsung logo shown bright and clear asking “what do you want to do.” I want to throw a rock through your screen I thought internally.

Now we’re off to a hot start

The email works tonight, the rest of her apps will be loaded tomorrow and every password in our dropbox will be tried. Good grief I’m tired already.

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