Back to the Otters.

Wearing long pants again is a relief for a few days until the warm weather returns; then back to shorts. The cool nights and pleasant days helped to extinguish the Wild fires, most of the big ones in Northern California are either out or nearly so. Change in weather is apparently alright with the critters as well, more are beginning to wander about.

Amongst the most active are the Otters

Editing had to be done on these photos to eliminate the mess the Otters have made on this old dock. It’s fine when they mess up a dock, or the Levee. It’s a horse of a different color when a boat is chosen as their new hangout, this dock is perfect for them.

The ingredients for a big mess is Otters, Cheetos and the white interior of a boat. They love Cheetos, but not the packaging which they make short work of. Orange stuff is everywhere when they finish, then they leave a bunch of calling cards.

What’s with this guy?

They are great entertainment, everything they do is a show especially their scat on the Levee top. Dogs cannot resist it they use the 10,000 member spot next door as their toilet. Every dog without exception cannot resist rolling in it, I make bets with the grand-kids when they were able to visit, that the dog will stop at that spot and roll in the grass. They think it’s hilarious when I’m correct about it.

This guy was sunbathing for a long Time.

Sporting big teeth they can be very intimidating, I’m not sure if they growl but Mrs. Lebec heard something growling at her one night from under a dock. My opinion at the time was that it may have been a Bobcat, if these guys growl there is a new suspect in town.

They look around as much as I do.

They are a bit more curious than a lot of wild ones, but if curiosity did anyone in it’s Coyote, Otters are second. They are social animals until it comes to sharing food, one for all wasn’t ever a thought in an Otters head. They are big animals, not so cuddily either sporting huge teeth, sharp claws and fearlessness, they are to be contended with. As is the case with all wild ones respect and space doesn’t earn their respect but it will keep an old guy from getting bit.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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