The Sky Is Clear.

It’s becoming more difficult to remember when the last time the sky was clear as the sun rose. The clock has been re-set I can start counting how many sunny mornings are followed with doom and gloom; rain is forecast this next week.

Bike riders 4

Clear it is, the photo above depicts two bicycle riders (they are exactly abreast of one another). The white strip in the upper left corner is a highway bridge 5 miles to the West. Between the camera and the foothills are two cities, the homes on the hills are in a third town further West. There is a lot of wilderness in that Mountain Range, there are places there no people have ever seen; it’s unbelievable being so close to San Francisco.

The Otter appears to be a bit gruff with the grimace on his face, he may just have a tough guy demeanor. He was out a few days ago with the other members of his den, I suspect he was tossed from the family to strike out on his own. He appears to be in his third year, fully mature there is not room for slackers in the world of the wild ones. I saw him with another Otter quite a way Northwest of here, he may have found a life’s mate. Regardless he will have to leave the slough in search of his own turf or he and the dominate male (his dad) will have a problem.

The Blue Herons are normally out no matter the weather or time of year, this one looks a bit scruffy. It’s an old photo I took around March 2020, this bird appears to be quite young, he may have fledged during the early winter. Nature does not always follow our human agenda, just because most birds nest during the spring there are always exceptions. I suspect this guy is an exception.

Blue Heron on a pylon 3

I recently took this image, 7 months have passed since I took the image previous to this; whether this is the same individual is impossible to know. He’s content on that pylon, staying motionless for a long time it was almost as if he was posing. Most likely he recently had breakfast and is creating a hollow spot in his stomach for more food.

I took a bunch of pictures of Hummingbirds this morning, none are good enough to post anywhere on line. Flying birds are tough to focus, flying small, fast ducking and weaving birds are nearly impossible. I gave up on the Hummers choosing to take images of flowers which I may write a blog about soon. The problem with a photo story blog is I don’t know what to say about pretty flowers.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

2 responses to “The Sky Is Clear.”

  1. Nice pictures of all the critters; I’m glad the sky is clear where you are at. It is looking pretty good here near Santa Cruz too, though every once in awhile we get a whiff of smoke.


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