A Different Side.

I must hand it to the people of this state for putting up with the Wildfires for such a long time. It is now to the point that fires from previous years somehow are linked to those we are dealing with currently. As England had the 100 years war I wonder if history will name this the 5 year Wildfire.

Bike riders 4

I watched the bicycle rider on the ranch road for a distance of three miles, there are actually two riders. The person in orange is blocking the other rider, they are in perfect sync. It was a nice morning for a bike ride or like I was sitting on the porch having coffee. One of the sort of odd things I do is time the traffic down that road. The Power structures are 1/4 mile apart, I time them to see how fast the vehicles are traveling; for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity. The majority of traffic adhere to reasonable speeds, I don’t perform a sciencetific survey anyway so It’s highly inaccurate; but it’s interesting hardly anyone speeds according to my experience.

I watched them from the bridge pictured above, it’s 1-1/8 mile from where I am, It’s an old bridge but still in great condition. On each side of this end of the span is a levee gate blocking looky-loos from cruising the dirt roadway. One or two a year generally find their way onto the roads atop various levees. It’s quite common on our levee as it’s an easement that makes it easier for us to deliver heavy objects to the top floors of our homes. Unfortunately for the wayward Sunday drivers once they drive the mile between gates they find themselves locked in. Keys for the gates are obtainable at the levee districts office, a $100 deposit is required then refunded upon the keys return. The trapped cars end up backing up for a mile or more with all hope the gate is still unlocked behind them; it not always is.

The garden is suffering this year as well, I started off about as gracefully as a three legged race does. The Butternut Squash continues to do well but the rest of the garden is struggling. The regular Pumpkins are doing good, I hope to have enough to give to the kids, one year I’d like to have 1/4 acre dedicated to them. Having enough to give to anyone wanting one would be fun, then to see them after they are carved is the reward. They think it’s strange when I ask for them after they rot, never have I not been asked “Why?” I feed them to the Earthworm colonies, Pumpkins are the Red Wigglers favorite foods. How rapidly they are consumed is the gauge I use for like-ability, another non-scientific task I embark on.

I’m in the house until the smoke clears, again, on the few occasions I venture out a 3-M respirator is my choice for smoke protection. The paper masks are fine for the C-19 but smoke is a different concern, the PM-10 is a killer. Smoke allergies are more common than we realize and cause serious illness or on occasion death; in my case it caused a sinus infection. That in turn infected my ears with a fungus, the result total deafness in one ear, 80% in the other. Wildfire whether it smoke or the flames is a dangerous condition; if you are affected by the smoke take care of your lungs and health.

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