A Few Clear Days; Another Fire.

The sky was clear at 6 this morning, by 9 it was full of smoke again. This time of year it is hard to tell if it’s all smoke or smog. Foggy season in the San Francisco Bay Area is the entire summer stretching into the early fall. Combining with dust, smoke, and emissions developing into smog, it sure looks like smoke to me; and it smells like it as well.

It’s curious how a wildfire alert is issued and within hours new fires start, I refuse to speculate why. Two started overnight, one up North near NAPA, close to Santa Rosa that area catches doomsday style of fires. It spread rapidly overnight causing mandatory evacuations, just another way of saying run for your lives. Our Island is in the extreme risk fire zone, it looks as if the entire Northern section of the state is. High winds are predicted; they have yet to materialize although when I woke this morning at 5:30am it was blowing fairly hard. Luckily by 9am the wind had completely diminished and has stayed calm all day; that will help control the fires.

The sky was crystal clear this morning, these windmills are 16 miles away. A few hours later they were obscured with smoke.

The second fire is burning due East on a different Island than ours, it’s surrounded by water. The fire may hop to another Island which isn’t uncommon with a 50 mph wind but as calm as it is now the hope is it will burn itself out. The youngest son saw it on his way to our house, we’re in no danger, his report was it is a raging fire. Most of the Islands that make up the Delta are un-occupied several are farms, many are swampy.

The Island across the slough is partly swamp, it’s hard to imagine that could burn.

We’ll all sit tight, raid the fridge and stay in doors with our mask at the ready; I honestly don’t think we’ll realize a fire but we must be prepared. The best way off the Island is by boat, that one bridge will be seriously jammed up if we all have to leave. But that leaves the question where would we leave to? Everyone in the family with the exception of the mid-northerners and New Yorkers are dealing with heavy smoke. Even Colorado, my daughter is socked in by the 3rd largest wildfire in Colorado history. If we’re not careful this could get serious real quick.

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One response to “A Few Clear Days; Another Fire.”

  1. Brazil sometimes has to deal with similar air quality issues due to fires.
    We’ll have bad air tomorrow (along with rag weed and assorted fall plant/mold allergies)
    Catching arsonists, fixing/updating the electrical facilities and educating people about not using fire crackers ( even for “important/selfish” gender reveal parties), cigarettes, and generally going back to “please help Smokey Bear prevent forest fires”. Lightening sadly is out of our control.
    Hope the atmosphere sends you some fire fighting help

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