Everything Looks So Far Away; Since the Smoke Cleared.

I took most of last week off from blogging but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on it, taking a break generates new ideas. That can be dangerous for me, not only do I have new ideas I act on them.

It’s a big haystack at 1,000 yards (950 meters), it’s quite a distance away. I haven’t seen it but for two days during the last month. It’s easy to tell it’s there even obscured with smoke, fog and dust; the three sided roof truss on the left shines like a light with the slightest illumination. While drinking coffee at sunrise one morning the apex lite up and I could not remember what it was. Later in the afternoon I remembered, it’s tough being old.

The Cattle are fed at 8am each morning as is typical of Ranchers they start sounding the truck horn as they cross the bridge, in the smoke and fog as well. The Cattle come running quickly as they are able, I can’t see them in the haze but I can sure hear them.

The horn starts sounding as the hay wagon passes over the bridge just over one mile away; I haven’t seen it for a month either. At each side of the road on the near end of the bridge is a gate blocking people from the Levee road as well for keeping the Cows under control. About the only way they will leave the pasture is if they run out of water of which the Island is surrounded with. It’s a sight when the Steers decide to go to the waters edge for a drink, mostly it’s a young animal that will attempt that.

1,000 yards lies this line of trees, it’s even with the giant Haystack above. The tree is an interesting shape almost resembling a shoe, I will call it “Shoe Tree”. The pasture remains green as it has been the entire summer, with that much moisture it’s hard to believe I live at the South end of the Northern Wildfire extreme danger border. At least the temperature has dropped bringing in the fog and dew as well, it’s remarkable how much the slightest amount of moisture helps in controlling the fires.

The fires nearest here are 98% contained, at this juncture it means they are out and some of the crew stays behind to take care of hot spots. I hope there are no more.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

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