Out of Control Fire Season

Our small water district consists of 17 homes relying upon 4 wells. To keep costs manageable which enables us to have water for a $250.00 yearly fee watering hours have been implemented. It doesn’t affect me because it makes no difference if I water at midnight or noon, in the heat the water hours are best. Watering between the hours of 7am and 7pm are restricted, I am awake at around 5 each morning. It takes me an hour to water the entire garden area by hand with an added bonus cool air and dawn.

The critters are out by the time I begin, some have begun acting in ways that are a bit bewildering to me. This is the second morning in a row our local Barn Owl has flown up to me and landed within 20 feet. He turns to take a look, then turning away he perches for a few seconds then takes to the air. He is fast, I managed to take a short video of him yesterday just as he turned his back to me. It came out OK for not having a frontal view making it useless for nearly everything I would use a video for. I kept it anyway to use as a learning tool in imovie, my new Mac Air has it included; it’s a good program to learn as a buildup to more advanced apps.

Hummingbirds have begun to fly close to me, sometimes within a foot or two, can birds be curious? It’s been happening more than the Owl, almost everyday recently one has flown up to me. I live in a place called the real world, I don’t believe I possess any magic that attracts them. Perhaps it’s their becoming accustomed to me and Skunkpuppy being around constantly and they want to know if either of use are edible. I’m not and merely being next to Skunkpuppy proves she isn’t as well. I like to think if I had a gopro attached behind a giant red plastic flower I may just be able to take an extreme close up.

The four Wildfires within view from the riverside porch have been extinguished, 30 others in the state remain burning uncontrollably. We are surrounded by them with no fear of having to evacuate as our neighbors 30 miles to the West in Vacaville are. I awoke this morning to the sight of smoke hanging low in the sky, it had not yet settled to the ground however as it warmed up the shroud gradually lowered. It is a reminder of the conditions two years ago when the entire Western U.S. was under a thick blanket for months on end. That was the same season my ears got infected with a fungus causing me to lose my hearing.

The early morning Sun was obscure hanging in the East looking more like a 5 watt light bulb than a huge fire ball bringing unbearable heat during this tragic chapter. Further West in the Wine Country, Napa, the vineyards are once again being threatened. Some are close to ignition as this is being written, another bad year for them and not any better for people living on the outskirts of towns.

Winds of 20-30 mph are fanning the already overheated landscape into an uncontrollable fury endangering lives and property. I have never seen a fire tornado as described in the local press and on cable news, I hope to not be a witness to one. I have been in tornadoes, a fire tornado must be many times worse. I have a tendency to wish the wind would shift, but if it does another area will be covered endangering others, that makes it not such a good wish.

I will remain in the house, windows closed, air conditioning on as well as the air purifiers we bought two years ago. During the fire season I wear a 3M half face respirator when outdoors, I like many others have a hard time staying in for more than a day or two, let alone several months; especially in light of already being confined since March. If it gets much worse we will have to leave home, but to where?

Stay safe, wear a mask and come November Vote.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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