Four Wildfires within View of the Porch.

I was up late last night with my video camera aimed at the Diablo Range, making it possible to capture some telling video’s. I also have a new computer, it’s a Mac Air, I have a bit of a learning curve. On it is the iMovie program into which I loaded my video’s, that all went kind of good until the end I was unable to exit the program through a mistake of my own. All of that to say; I don’t have any photos for this Post. I have finally purchased a new Camera with a long range lens, it is on backorder and I am expecting a delivery date from the local Mikes Camera Shop.

I did not take any video’s this morning when I awoke although the smoke trails are visible, and lightening is still flashing however not as intense as yesterday. The deep rolling thunder is still shaking things up, the heat is still here as well.

The major concern with lightening storms in California, Wildfires, nearly instantly upon seeing lightening the fires begin. Now with the wind at 15-25 mph they may take off rapidly, but there is one caveat; the wind may not be as strong in the Mountains. Another is that the wind may be much stronger up there igniting that long dry grass like kindling; which it is.

The Wildfires are at the 1,000 foot level, not real high up but just enough to make them clear from my 16 miles to the East. The smoke plumes are nearly vertical indicating the wind is not as intense as it is next to the River where I am.

It is a treacherous landscape to fight a wild fire, much of it in areas rarely if ever seen by any human. The firefighters have to be aware of the danger of wild animals.

It’s at the altitude conducive for Snake habitat, Rattlesnakes notoriously live from 1,000-5000 foot elevations; they will be attempting to escape the fires. Wild Hogs find the habitat up there perfect for their well being, they are one of the most dangerous wild animals in any State. Bears, Coyotes, Bobcats and Mountain Lions all escaping the flames run past the responders seeking refuge. Deer, Raccoons, Skunks, Possums, as well as countless smaller animals all flee in panic.

The only good thing about Wild fires is they cannot burn twice during the same fire season. There are some that occur in desolate areas which in my opinion should be allowed to burn as long as it is not going to destroy lives, property or national shrines.

The four that were evident earlier appear now to have been extinguished, however there is a possibility the flames have passed over the top of a foothill; only to emerge later. It may be possible to see flames when the sun goes down, I will certainly be looking.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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