Blue Heron

Most of the time I am guilty of passing this old dock without a glance, other times I will stop and study it for a while. It attracts critters, Otters, Owls and Turtles are common visitors. This morning I was on my way to fetch two gallons of the fish emulsion I put together yesterday when I spied the Great Blue Heron.

I stopped hoping he would stay for a minute to allow me to unpack my camera. He in fact stayed there for well over an hour moving only to change directions and positions on the deck. This dock will be replaced by the new owner Big Dave’s brother, he is doing a lot of work on the lot and structures. Due to a catch in the permit process it is best to leave a dock like this alone until replacement is being made. Technically we cannot call it a “replacement” it must be a “repair”, no permit is required for a repair.

I captured the photograph above the second time I passed, the Heron had made a move to the center of the structure. He’s in the shade now, I often wonder how they are affected by the heat or direct sun. It’s hard to know as they are out in all sorts of weather from freezing cold to blazing hot.

I passed one more time and he was still on the dock, he changed positions again. He squawked as I passed then let out a loud awk as I was leaving with my back to him. He may have been making sure his nemesis Skunkpuppy knew he was in a spot that he could not be chased from.

Above is a photo of the same Heron earlier in the year, he appears to have grown new feathers. Either that or he fell in the water becoming soaking wet. I have a video of him after capturing a small varmint then continued with his meal. I don’t have the heart to post it, watching big birds such as this eat is a bit unnerving.

The summer is now just more than 1/2 over, after Labor Day it will fly by, before we know it New Years Day will be here. I made a prediction that this will be a cold winter and the next winter 2021-2022 will be wetter than usual. I told Mrs. Lebec her only comment was a roll of the eyes.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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