Some Days Just Makes an Old Guy Wonder.

I learned once again why I stayed off of Facebook for the past 1+ years. I kept one page up but whittled away at the list of people. For some reason I was accepted back into the local page, I was a member up until almost 2 years ago. I still don’t know if I was encouraged to leave or what happened, but my track record with that outfit has been dismal at best. I don’t like it but I have to stay on it now, not the local page but the Blue Water Navy site. It has a lot of good information on how to deal with the Veterans Administration which becomes a real part of an ex-service man/woman’s life. That page is worth it and it is just one of 4 offering assistance to Vietnam Vets.

The local site is a horse of a different color and it gets real old real quick. A full 1/3 of the postings are good civil discussions about local issues. Emergency actions, Fire Service discussions and Neighborhood Watch type of issues. There has been one trending for the past week discussing with the Fire Chief the districts tax proposal. Don’t tell anyone I have all ready decided to vote for it, there is a lot to it making my decision not 100% correct; but not all wrong either.

Unrelated photo.

Oh but that local page, holy smokes is that a doozy. There are 12 or so participants making every issue on that side a controversy. You know the name calling, challenging and wack-o mole ideas that defy knowing where the origin is. Normally the post will begin as a rant, advance to outrage then released to the general population. It will begin addressing the authors concerns, from there it expands to include every thing imaginable. Without fail they end up being renditions of “I am a better Christian than you are.” Or “I’m more of a conservative than you are.” Then of course leaving no rock unturned deep philosophical ramblings on each then turns into pure politics. Of course being the eternal wise acre I add sentences such as “that’s awfully Christian of you.” “Isn’t this suppose to be a Politics free zone?” “Could you please write how you came upon this idea?” There is no lack of remarks after the insults begin to fly.

I guess I will stay on it for a while, at least until I get thrown off again at which time I will contact Zuckerberg and have a few words with that nut-o-rama.

There are only 2,000 people on the Island, we all know pretty much everyone. I can’t figure out how some people are able to go out in public after their remarks. It’s always the same people tossing out the same insults to the same insultees, is this nuts or what? Oh Lord please have this self Quarantine end within the next 6 months to one year.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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