Early Morning July 4th

I had thought I wrote this blog over the weekend but to my surprise it was not published. As it ends up I did not write a blog, that I will attribute to; I’m not sure what it certainly can’t be due to being terribly busy. Negligence that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If I were writing about another topic it might make a difference but I’m not kidding myself about my blogs; they are merely casual non-controversial ramblings.

I spend a lot of time just looking around, talking to neighbors while maintaining my one Alligator distance. Even at that I see at the most two people a day, but mostly no one passes by until Friday through Sunday.

Early July 4th.

The Moon early in the morning on July 4th was a spectacular scene, I suppose I could photo-shop the towers from the picture. But they are a part of the landscape and like it or not there they are. They have value as well however, the tower on the left is the home of several birds of prey. It’s hard to see but the second horizontal column has been the nesting site of a pair of Peregrine Falcons. To photograph them while building their nests is one of the parameters for purchasing a new camera.

At the top of the tower Red Tailed Hawks nest, the male and female take turns watching the nests rarely leaving it unattended. They are tall, from my estimate 150 feet (45.72 meters), I’m unsure what the reason is but some of them are considerably shorter.

After the Moon rested behind Mount Diablo I spotted this Dove.

I opened the garage door after the Moon went behind Mount Diablo when this Dove landed above me. They are depicted as gentle easy to get along with birds, I see a darker side. The male and female fight like Cats and Dogs all day long, not slowing down even while building the nest. They are actually loud birds, I don’t mind bird noises one bit but to recognize that they make a lot of noise seems a bit mean when I think about it. As nearly every photo or painting shows them with an Olive branch along with some other gentle creature, normally a lamb they aren’t all that gentle either. Well we must have something representing our ideas of peacefulness.

We have canceled our family Thanksgiving for this year, it’s sad but our family is huge; we have between 30 and 40 people each year. All are direct relations, but we welcome anyone. One of the rewards for me is when a new person shares dinner with us the coconut telegraph is full of “who was that guy?” answered by a grandson “he’s a guy Grandpa ran into somewhere so he invited him.” That is the spirit of Us, acceptance, appreciation, and respect for one another. Let’s get on with healing the country we can all start with a wave and a smile.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

One response to “Early Morning July 4th”

  1. Think that picture with the towers and that gorgeous moon is beautiful. It is a shame we have to cancel so many of our family functions like Thanksgiving during this pandemic. We often invite others to our Thanksgiving feast if we find they will be alone on that special day. Enjoyed reading your ramblings – as you call them.


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