Summers Here; It’s Hot in The Afternoon.

The mornings are nice this time of year, unfortunately when one begins to think if the wind stopped it would be blistering hot. Today is the first day that has come to my mind, luckily it will most likely blow until early to mid September.

This is not my photograph.

True to form that Crow went flying past this morning against the wind, dipping and swaying. Pounding his wings hard, I was unable to hear them but in my mind I could hear whop, whop, whop. Suddenly he was attacked by a barely visible small bird; dive bombing him and pecking. It must have hurt as evidenced by the way the Crow was acting. The attacker must have been hitting his mark nearly knocking the big black bird out of the sky. Finally diving toward the levee on the far side then putting a move on the small bird the Crow escaped.

Nearly each morning that same scenario takes place, nest robbing season is fully engaged. I believe some critters have an internal organizer reminding them that it’s time to fly by the old guy on the porch.

Between 8 & 8:30 each evening a Blue Heron lands on the dock next to me, he hunts for a while then flies to the next one. It hasn’t been a long time he’s been doing that and it makes me curious.

It has been my observation some of their activity is driven by the sun-rise; of course that makes sense but it is pretty amazing that the entire Slough some mornings are filled with activity. Other mornings nothing is going on, and it may very well be a calm, clear, morning.

The bait fish can be seen making a wake as they travel the slough along the far levee. They are large schools of what I assume are Shad following them are larger wakes I attribute to either Salmon if in the fall or Stripers any other time.

I’ll be out there again tomorrow morning at day-break, I’ll set up my video camera and coffee. It’s hard to tell what may take place but one thing is for sure there won’t be another person in sight for hours or the entire day; who knows?

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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