What’s with the Gulls; On the Slough.

A disturbing racket came from the closed sliding door two weeks ago. It took a while for me to wheel on over to take a look through the glass. Opening the door for Skunkpuppy for some unknown reason she won’t venture out without me first thing; there was one task I needed to complete before I went to the end of the walkway to take a look. First things first there was used coffee to warm up before I go any further, some things can wait.

Returning to the door the dog refused to leave, she gave me this look of “What you’re sending me out there all alone?” Yeh too bad for her she doesn’t like weather of any kind, it’s just a bit of her weirdness. I donned my hat, sunglasses, and all my other support equipment then exited the safe confines of the house. Entering into the world it was a glorious day, clear, 62° F (16.66° C), the din was coming from the South.

Gulls in a feeding frenzy.

Reaching the end of the bridge to the left was a mass of Gulls, diving, squealing, fighting, and eating. What was going on? Some animal was below the surface obviously providing bits of fish to the advantage takers.

An animal is under the surface.

It’s not all that uncommon for them to frenzy feed as they were doing that day, but what is odd is that normally the animal causing the activity will expose itself at least once in a while. This time however was different, as I approached closer the activity increased but still no sign of what was under the surface of the water. As shown in the photo it was a calm day, without an indication of any large creatures lurking about.

The splash may be the animal surfacing.

To this day I have no idea what animal was present, initially the usual suspects came to mind, Otters, or a Sea Lion perhaps. However there was no barking or surfacing of any kind.

There is no way to know what is in the slough on any given day as we are connected to the Ocean all-be-it 50 miles away. Still Sea Lions, Sturgeon, and other migrating animals find their way here by following one another. I often wonder if Bull Sharks do as well, my suspicions are founded, not well founded I should add. It’s more of a suspicion than any thing else. Once in a blue moon someone will dive in the water and disappear never to be seen again. Well on a river anything is possible, where anything may happen.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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