The Apple Lovin’ Squirrel Is No More…….

Millions of dogs know what the word Squirrel means, it may just be a natural word shared through the eons between humans and our canine friends. Sitting on the water side porch having coffee each morning, well most mornings, part of the entertainment are the Red Squirrels living in the Bay Tree next to me. Flipping of the tail, loud chattering, and being certain to be seen the brave little ones are in for some play time. The stare down begins between them and Skunkpuppy, she never gives up, neither does the furry little rodent.

There are also Gray Squirrels, larger than their red cousins but not nearly as aggressive. The Reds are territorial to an extreme, they do not tolerate the Grays one bit. It’s actually an international war that goes on every day in most countries, the Red Squirrels are bound and determined to over throw all of the Governments of the world. I fear it won’t stop there I reckon to believe they will form their own religion in their image. I’m joking but that’s the impression I get, like Skunkpuppy they think they own the joint; and that’s a problem.

My Apple may not look like much but by King George it’s mine and we may just get a few this year, perhaps enough for a pie.

Not one Apple has been chomped on, picked, or found in the road this year and it’s a bumper crop. One Squirrel fed mainly on them not giving a wit whether they were green, ripe, or rotten one was just as good as the other.

I am out mostly every day paying attention to the wild ones, the river, and the goings on around the slough which has introduced me to many of the critters. It is interesting how I can tell the regulars from visitors, sometimes I wonder if they are able to as well.

I have taken on the duties of removing road kill from our not so heavily traveled road, there is not a lot of animals meeting their demise on my beat. One morning I spied a critter that was struck in the middle of the street, upon fetching it I recognized it as my nemesis, the Apple eating little guy was dead. He was frustrating for me but acceptance was the route I took, all he was doing is surviving. Plus the Apples were no great loss as there are plenty of trees around and people on the river are happy to give. (Thank you Creedence Clearwater)

So now he’s gone, the Apples are intact and Skunkpuppy still has plenty more of the little clowns to chase; I wonder if she knows they will never meet one another.

The Cherries are still disappearing however, it’s the dang Blue Jays I just know it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

3 responses to “The Apple Lovin’ Squirrel Is No More…….”

  1. Red squirrels are a pain here too – always into my apple trees and black walnut trees. Blue Jays and Mocking Birds try to wipe our our blueberries and blackberries. Always something sharing our bounty of fruit. I often see squirrels and other critters who bit the dust out on the road. Hope you get that apple pie.


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