The Canadian Honkers Visited the Slough This Morning.

Waking up to a beautiful morning took my mind off of the horrific injustices perpetrated on George Floyd in my home town of Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. Justice must be complete and honest.

They were heard from a long distance away from which direction I cannot tell due to being nearly deaf but hear them I did. The Canadian Honkers arrived in full force this morning; 13 in this flock with a few stragglers. I was fortunate to be able to retrieve my camera with a minimum amount of coffee spilling all over the place. Mrs. Lebec took pity on me offering to carry all of my stuff to the porch. I was lucky to be able to take several photos of them taking flight from the water.

The center of the flock was merely following the leaders of which they all take turns at the command post. While on the hard or in the water at least one Goose is constantly on guard for predators. Being very noticeable the watch is easy to spot it’s the bird with the extended neck looking in each direction; acting how a sentry must act. He/She are diligent in the watch duty, instinct tells them if they fall asleep, or are not paying attention tragedy may fall upon the flock.

Clearing the water takes a lot of energy to lift the heavy wet bodies off of the surface. Gracefulness is ignored especially when facing a stiff wind and current. I have discovered most critters do not like being in the wind, the big water birds seem to avoid it as much as possible. It’s what drove these Geese off I suspect.

Free and clear of the water all that needs to be fought is the wind, the photo above is the tail of the group I thought. Unexpectedly two stragglers came flying down the center of the slough one minute or so after these were hundreds of yards upstream.

Now in their stride the entire flock is full speed ahead making the loudest honking almost as if they are celebrating. Being obnoxious is their normal behavior; I marvel at how rugged these animals are. I have a video of two Canadians in a driving hail storm not seeming to mind it one bit. As long as there is slight wind they are fine with it.

From here they disappeared into the direct West most likely heading for a big cutout across the neighboring Island where they may be able to find calm water. They spend a considerable amount of time in the pasture beyond the visible Levee on the far side. That is where the lookouts are most important, many predators live over there, the howls are heard throughout the night.

It was a good morning, full of adventure at a pace perfect for an old guy drinking coffee getting ready to get ready.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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